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Zero Gravity Sport Touring Windscreen for Kawasaki Ninja 250r Review


Zero Gravity Double Bubble Sport Touring Windscreen Review
Reviewed by Mark DT
Zero Gravity Windscreen for Kawasaki Ninja

At high speeds, there is a lot of wind pressure on the upper chest, and noise in the helmet.  Nobody expects a Ninja 250 to offer the protection of a Goldwing, but getting the wind above one’s shoulders, and reducing helmet noise will make the bike a lot more enjoyable when out for a more than a few hours of extended high-speed riding.

Zero Gravity makes three different windscreens for the Ninja 250r.  Ours was installed on a 2008 Kawasaki Ninja 250r and these motorcycle screens have common fitment for all 2008-2011 models.  We chose the largest/tallest screen choice, their Sport Touring Model.  It isn’t unusual for us to go for several hour drives at highway speeds, and we were looking for a maximum reduction in noise and body fatigue.  We also wanted a screen that didn’t destroy the appearance and nice lines of the Ninja.  Since our test motorcycle is black, we chose a dark screen to compliment the looks of the bike.

The part arrived on time.  Installation was dead simple.  As with all motorcycle windshields, ensure to take extra care with having clean hands, and not to over torque the fasteners.  The windshield was an exact fit.  Thirty minutes in the garage is plenty of time to tackle this simple installation project.

Zero Gravity Sport Touring windscreen on our Kawasaki Ninja 250r looks great and blocks the wind and associated noise.

Time for a personal admission in this review.  I did have a little buyer’s remorse initially after clicking “confirm purchase” as I wondered if I had purchased too large a windscreen for the look of the bike.  Once installed I was relieved with the appearance.  The dark screen enhanced the look of the bike.  Other Ninja riders will often give it positive comments on the street.  Case in point, it has never been removed for the original screen since the day it was put on.  Not that we are slaves to fashion, but come on, who wants to put something on their bike that makes it look less cool?

The smallest member of the Ninja family is truly a bargain bike.  As with all bargains there are compromises.   For spending just under $100 one can significantly improve the quality of their riding experience by reducing rider fatigue due to noise and wind blast.  If you enjoy spending time riding your Ninja 250r on the highway, you will likely find that the Zero Gravity Sport Touring windscreen is a zero regrets purchase.

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