Oct 06

Wolo Bad Boy Horn video with installation comments

Wolo Bad Boy Horn for motorcycles.  Does it really provide 139 decibels of cager rattling pain?

by Mark DT

Those of you who visit and or “liked” our Facebook Page know that I’ve been on the hunt for user reviews and install stories about aftermarket motorcycle horns.  Many internet forums have riders either loving the upgrade, or complaining about the reliability.

Here is a video from Viper6 who posts as vac002 on YouTube as well as his installation comments below in the quote box.  He installed a Wolo Bad Boy which according to Wolo’s literature puts out an incredible 139 decibels.  Just how loud is it?  Watch Viper6’s video to find out…

Hi Mark,
The install was quite easy, since I could use the stock horn mount. But one could easily be made if necessary. The installation requires hard wiring the power to the battery and routing the wires to a relay, along with the stock horn wire, which is also attached to the same relay. The purpose of the 30 amp relay, is so the stock fuse is not overloaded.


The Wolo horns are available from several of our affiliates.  I’ve included links below to JC Whitney for those that wish to purchase straight away.  The main difference in the two items below is the appearance.  This is a great way to be heard while riding when you need to be, without annoying your neighbours with loud pipes the rest of the time.  It is also a very inexpensive way to make riding safer.


Wolo Chrome Bad Boy 1-piece Air Horn/Compressor Wolo Chrome Bad Boy 1-piece Air Horn/CompressorCrank up the intensity of your horn blasts with this compact, great looking chrome air horn! Delivers a 139db blast-twice the volume of your factory horn. Highly polished bright chrome finish. Great dress up for the engine compartment; ideal for motorcycles. Installs in minutes with 1 bolt; no hoses required. Built-in heavy-duty compressor is maintenance free for years of dependable service. Easily replace your existing horn with this loud chrome Bad Boy by bolting it on and attaching your original equipment wires! Works with any 12-volt vehicle.



Fits anywhere – no hoses or tubing to install! Powerful dual-tone air horn sound is 2 TIMES LOUDER than factory horn! Built-in heavy-duty compressor is maintenance free for years of dependable service Installs in minutes with one bolt. Now you can add that big, loud air horn blast to get you noticed. Ideal for motorcycles. 4-1/4″H x 4-1/2″W x 3″D. To replace an existing horn, just attach original equipment wires to this horn. To install as an auxiliary horn, wire this horn to power and ground and order horn button kit ZX888315.


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