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WingShields Hand Protectors

Riding in the rain or cold?  Take a look at these… WingShields Hand Protectors

by Mark DT

WingShields Hand Guard

WingShields Hand Protectors will keep your hands toasty on cold weather days.

It’s crazy that often the most effective solutions to problems are simple ones.  I used to ride a Vulcan cruiser, and when the temperature dropped or it rained, I kept it in the garage otherwise my hands would go numb from the cold.  My old Versys didn’t have heated grips, but I did add a pair of high quality hand guards.  The hand guards were not for protecting me from the bush like on a true dual sport, rather they kept the wind and ever present west coast rain off my hands.  When I bought my present motorcycle, (Triumph Tiger 1050SE), I made a point of ordering factory hand guards plus heated grips, so that I could keep my hands warm and dry in all conditions.  In case you haven’t figured it out yet I’m a big fan of hand guards.


[pullquote align=”left|center|right” textalign=”left|center|right” width=”30%”]WingShields Hand Protectors are just the ticket to keep the cold wind and rain off your hands while riding your motorcycle. Harley or metric motorcycles…[/pullquote]


Up until now though, unless you rode a dual sport, super moto, or an adventure bike… hand guards were not available or easily fitted, especially on cruisers.  The reason for this is most riders were using their hand guards for their primary purpose of protecting your hands from impact with brush, rather than how I enjoyed them as a means to keep the rain and cold Canadian air off my hands while attempting to extend my riding season to twelve months.  Now comes WingShields Hand Protectors with a product that offers wind protection, while being able to get mounted on a much larger array of motorcycles including cruisers.  If I owned a Harley, metric cruiser, or a Bonneville these would be on my shopping list.





WingShields handguard

Wingshields Hand Protectors will keep the wind, rain and cold off your hands so you can enjoy the ride.

WingShields Hand Protectors are made of Lexan, and are made tough enough to protect you from the elements as well as bugs and rocks.  They mount simply and can be removed and reattached quickly.  The mounting hardware is robust and made from stainless steel.  I can attest from experience that your hands will stay warmer and drier when using a deflector like these, and when paired with a good set of heated grips, your hands should stay nice and toasty.  Definitely worth investigating for those riders who wish to extend their riding season.

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