Oct 30

Tour Master Solution 2.0 WP Boots Review

A “Noob” reviews his Tour Master Solution 2.0 WP Boots

by James aka “Mr. BBQ”

I am a new rider, and am not a writer.  I’m sending this review in to help my fellow noobs find some good gear.

I bought these black Tour Master Solution WP 2.0 Road Motorcycle Boots at my local motorcycle gear store Mountain Motorsports in Marietta, GA for $119 (USA) I do believe. I wear an 11.5 wide shoe typically.  These come in wide, but only full sizes (no 11.5, etc.).  The 11 wide was a little snug in the toe box for me, so I tried a 12 regular width.  That did the trick.


These boots are surprisingly comfortable for being a reasonably stiff motorcycle boot.  They have protection in the toe box, a shin guard and some sort of stiff ankle protection inside and out. There is a reflective bit on the heel which is nice.  I would have liked something on the outside of the boot as well (can you tell I feel more comfortable with reflective bits all over my stuff??), but I guess I can always add my own reflective decals or something similar.


As far as walking around… besides the high part of the boot and the shin guard in the front, you forget you’re wearing protective boots.  Once on the bike… I had to get used to the higher toe and was inadvertently putting the bike in neutral shifting to 2nd now and again.  Once I finally got used to it, it rarely occurs now.  Rest assured, when it does happen… there are plenty of folks around to notice and smirk.  Mostly pretty girls. ‘cuz that’s how I roll.


In any case, I really like these boots and feel like given my shoe size and foot shape they are just about perfect for my needs.  Overall, I’d rate these 5 Turkey legs… perfect for my needs.


Tour Master motorcycle boots

Water-repellent leather boots from Tour Master.

Tour Master Solution WP 2.0 Road Boots

Tour Master brings back the Solution WP Boots are a great option for riders looking for quality waterproof motorcycle boots. Building on the success of its predecessors, the Solution WP 2.0 Boots feature an all new more durable sole, flex panels for comfort, and a HiPora waterproof breathable membrane. Wide Widths also available.Features: Water repellent leather and polyurethane upper HiPora waterproof, breathable membrane Molded nylon shin and ankle guard backed with shock absorbing material Leather stretch panels for better comfort and durability Shock absorbing latex foam on flex panels Leather shift pad TecnoGI thermoplastic heel cup and toe cap VR single density compound sole for reliable grip Auto lock zipper covered with adjustable Velcro flap Preformed orthopedic vibration absorbing foot bed 3M ScotchLite on rear area for night time safety.

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