Apr 07

The new bike, and running them in…

 First day with my new ride, the break in begins…

Happy days, I have a brand new motorcycle in the garage.  This is the third new bike I’ve had to run in.  It is the ultimate period of restraint for any owner.

You spend time reading about the new potential motorcycle, finally you get a demo ride arranged.  The bike is everything you hoped for, and you pushed it hard on the demo to make sure there wouldn’t be buyers remorse later on.

Now finally its the day to pick it up at the dealer.  They remind you, there is a break in procedure that should be followed.  For my new bike, a Triumph Tiger 1050SE, that means not going past 3500 RPM until 160 km/100 miles, and then the limit rises ever so slightly to 5000 RPM.  The self imposed RPM limit raises progressively to the 10,000 redline in steps after each few hundred miles are added to the odometer.  It will be over 1600 km’s of riding (1000 miles), before I can run my baby all the up to the redline.

However, despite my frustration at the manufacturers imposed restrictions to make sure this bike lasts a long time, there are real benefits.  For those who can restrain themselves, it is a great time to learn all about their new riding partner with a minimum of stress or, excitement.  New bike means new tires, different ergonomics, and for me, the first bike with ABS and steel braided brake lines.  The first day was spent out on some near perfect quiet side roads.  Emergency stops were practiced. Wow, compared to my old bikes, this one stops faster than anything else I’ve owned.  Not only that but the finger pressure required to haul the bike to a stop is very light, no doubt in part to the steel braided brake lines.  I regret now that I never did this upgrade to my old bikes, but will likely buy a set for the wife’s Ninja this summer.

Well the sun is high, the temps are warmer than its been in months, its time to log off and ride the new bike.  The race is on to get to the first oil change and finally be able to ride the bike without limits.  (Within the law of course!)


    • Mark on May 29, 2012 at 16:17
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    Got the exact same bike new in 2010. Although I did mostly stick to the recommended running in numbers you referenced, I did find out that every bike that Triumph makes gets put on the dyno before leaving the factory. During this dyno run the bike gets full throttle until the redline – food for thought!

    1. Definitely is…Happy to say I’m past 1600km now and have fully run her in as per spec. At least now as far as warranty issues, I’m golden having stuck to the rules on my end. The bike has been absolutely brilliant.

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