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The Four Coolest Motorcycle Helmets

Time for a new motorcycle helmet?  Check these four out.


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For the most part, motorcycle helmets all look the same. Beside a few different features here and there, the average person wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between an Arai helmet and a Shoei helmet. Well that is definitely not the case with these motorcycle helmets. Below are 4 of the coolest motorcycle helmets out there today. Not only are they cool but they are street legal too, so you can actually wear them when riding. All have very unique features and are sure to attract attention on the street. Check them out.



Predator-Motorcycle-Helmet-600x400The predator helmet is one of the most outrageous helmets I’ve seen. It may not be the most aerodynamic helmet around, but does it ever look awesome. The Predator set with nylon dreads, a solid fiber glass shell and you can even open and close the visor. This helmet may not look street legal but it is. Underneath the cool exterior is a DOT approved motorcycle helmet. You would turn a lot of heads on the street riding around with this on. They’re not cheap though; getting your hands on a street legal one will cost you around $800.



Shark EvoLine Moovit Lumi

shark_evoline3_st_moovit_lumi_helmet_zoomThis helmet is a pretty flashy one to say the least. It looks like something straight out of Speed Racer or a Daft Punk video. The luminescent paint on it actually absorbs sunlight and releases it when it’s dark, giving it that awesome glow in the dark look. Underneath is a pretty decent helmet too. It has some good features like a poly-carbonate shell, drop down sun shield, removable and washable liner and is also ECE and DOT approved. The Evoline Moovit Lumi comes at a much cheaper price than the predator helmet, at around $300. This a fair price considering you could actually wear this helmet all of the time compared to the Predator, which most people would probably only wear occasionally.




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Stryker Darth Knight

stryker darth knight-1This helmet is sure to intimidate out on the road. It may look like it’s made of cheap plastic but it’s actually DOT approved as well. There’s nothing fancy about its features. The Stryker Darth Knight is made of a poly-carbonate shell, includes interchangeable lenses for night and day and even has an air hole in the nose to reduce lens fogging and allow you to breathe better. The price point is also much less than the previous two helmets at only around $120. At that price, this is a helmet that most people wouldn’t mind buying to wear occasionally.







Iron Man

ironmanFinally there is the Iron Man helmet. Although it doesn’t have the features of an actual Iron Man helmet, it still looks pretty cool. Even though there are some helmets out there that look like real Iron Man replicas, this one can actually be worn on a motorcycle. It’s DOT approved with a poly-carbonate shell along with good ventilation, removable cheek pads, internal sun visor and cushioned interior padding. One of these can be had for only around $150, a very decent price considering it’s a full face helmet.




There you have it, four of the coolest motorcycle helmets on the market today. They may not be for everyone but you must admit they are pretty awesome to look at. Whether you’re wearing one or see someone on the street with one, they’re sure to turn some heads and get people talking.

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