Nov 28

The 2012 Limited Edition Ural Yamal Motorcycle With Sidecar

Exciting news from Russian motorcycle manufacturer IMZ Ural: The 2012 Limited Edition Ural Yamal motorcycle with sidecar will be available in the USA this month.

By Anne DT

The Ural Yamal motorcycle is named after the Russian nuclear-powered icebreaker that has her name from the Yamal Peninsula in Northwest Siberia, which means End of the Land.  This is an appropriate name for the vessel as well as the motorcycle as they are both very tough machines and as the manufacturer, IMZ Ural describes them “Ural motorcycles are much like this strange genre of sea-going vessel: durable, dependable, and able to conquer what typical motorcycles cannot.”

2012 Ural Yamal Motorcycle

The new limited edition 2012 Ural Yamal motorcycle with sidecar.

The 2012 limited edition Ural Yamal motorcycle is equipped with a double hull like the ship. The bottom and the lower portion of the sidecar body and the fenders have been weather-proofed for additional protection with a 3M coating. The sidecar is attached to the air-cooled 749cc opposed twin-cylinder engine via shaft drive for switchable two-wheel drive. The 40-horsepower 2012 Yamal comes in a powder-coated orange identical to the vessel.  This can come in handy in case any of the 50 lucky US owners of the Yamal get lost in the wilderness of the ‘burbs and need to be spotted from the air.

The sidecar bumper has the same menacing teeth painted as the icebreaker has on its bow. Two fog lights have been added to the front bumper of the sidecar as well as a knobby spare tire, a rack, and durable hand guards for the rider.

Yamal Icebreaker

The Russian nuclear powered icebreaker, Yamal, lends her name to IMZ Ural’s 2012 limited edition motorcycle with sidecar.

If you end up in a lake on your ride – fear not – the Yamal is also equipped with an oar to make sure you make it back safe to land (or maybe this is to fend off all the curious onlookers at the local Starbucks). Whoever at Ural came up with the idea of giving away an oar with the purchase of the Ural Yamal has a great sense of humour. This is what is printed on the oar that is attached on the bike:

In Case of Emergency:

If you are reading this then you wandered out too far, and the ice didn’t hold—we’re very sorry.

In an effort to make it back alive, you may want to follow these survival tips:

  • Abandon all hope — it will help you focus.
  • Detach sidecar, jump in, and then paddle like heck.
  • Rescue your dog — they’re better at finding their way home than you are.
  • Should you find yourself sinking, use your seat cushion as a floatation device
Oar for 2012 Ural Yamal

The 2012 Limited Edition Ural Yamal is equipped with an oar with a fun message printed on it.

The limited edition of the Ural motorcycle will be available this November in the USA at a price of $14,250.

To find out how you can get your hands on one of the 50 Ural Yamal Motorcycles that will be available in the USA, go to

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