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Slime 40001 Motorcycle Tire Inflator

Slime 40001 Motorcycle Tire Inflator… Weird name, but a handy device for touring riders.

by Mark DT


The Slime 40001 Motorcycle Tire Inflator may win the title for strangest product name, but if you are a touring rider it is worth checking out.  This is not a device intended for garage use.  In the home garage it is smart spending a few bucks and getting yourself an inexpensive small tank air compressor.  The Slime 40001 is meant to travel with you and help you road side.  This very portable device is a road side emergency life saver when you have a low tire.  If you are like me and enjoying riding in the mountains other remote areas where cellular coverage is sketchy, and a call to AAA isn’t possible, then read on.


Slime 40001 Motorcycle Tire Inflator apart from others is the fact you don’t need a dedicated cigarette lighter style 12V power source on your motorcycle to plug into.  While most cars have these 12V power sources wired in, most motorcycles do not.  When you think about all those who tour on simple dual sports like the Kawasaki KLR or those who like to overnight on their stripped down cruisers.  Even on my own relatively high tech Triumph Tiger, (ABS, Fuel Injection, heated grips, trip computer), I do not have a 12V power plug.  With the Slime 40001 you get three possible ways to plug into your motorcycle’s DC power system. It includes a main harness wire with fuse, an alligator clip cord, an DC power cord, and a pre-wire cord.  In other words you can go straight onto the battery and still have a fuse protecting the device, or if you are one of the lucky ones with a 12V lighter plug on your bike, you can use that instead.

[pullquote align=”left|center|right” textalign=”left|center|right” width=”30%”]”you can go straight onto the battery and still have a fuse protecting the device”[/pullquote]

Now, what are the negatives? Like I said I would never consider using this or any other portable device as a dedicated garage tool to keep my tires serviced.  Mostly because they are too slow.  Any device this small will take around 5 minutes to get your tires up to proper inflation levels, especially if your tires are inflated above 38 PSI.  In my garage I can service our two motorcycles in under 5 minutes.  Using a device like this one the same job could take half an hour.

To be fair though this isn’t really a negative.  This device is meant to be used when you wake up, step out of your hotel room/tent and see that one of your tires are low.  Rather than ride to the nearest station and possibly damage your sidewalls, you can safely inflate it on the spot.  Having this 12V air compressor under your seat or in your tank bag is just good insurance.  It means that you can be self sufficient on the road.  Isn’t that what all riders really want?

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