Mar 10

Secret Newsletter Deals

Welcome to our secret newsletter subscriber deals page.  You may forward this page, however we’ve intentionally buried it in our site and only promote it to subscribers like you as a thank you for your continued support and interest in Farkle My Ride.  If this page was forwarded to you by a friend and you want to get more sales notifications like this, subscribe using the signup form on the right hand tool bar of the screen.

Warning:  This page may be deleted at anytime.  Once items we find on sale get marked back up, the promotion will disappear.  In other words, if you want it, click it from here and buy as the deal will likely not last too long.

This time we are getting you ready for the road with some great deals on tires and on gore-tex riding gear.  Spring is days away, will you be ready to ride?

Did you read Anne DT’s latest article on motorcycle tire inspection that also includes a video?  If so you may have discovered it’s time to replace one or two of your motorcycles tires.


Michelin Tires up to 45% off.



Gore-Tex Riding Gear


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