Oct 10

Sea Foam Motor Treatment review… miracle product in a $9.00 can?

Can one single product really clean fuel systems, lubricate upper cylinders, stabilize your fuel for storage, and even clean sludge from your crankcase?

by Mark DT


Sea Foam Engine Treatment

Sea Foam is a must for winter storage, a very useful tool in cleaning injectors, carburetors, and crankcases.

Winter is coming for those of use who live in the northern latitudes.  While I’m looking forward to skiing, booking a winter trip somewhere nice and warm, and if the NHL gets its act together, another season of the Vancouver Canucks, I also know it’s time to start thinking about winterizing any motors that don’t get used over the winter months.  In this case my wife’s Ninja, and our trusty Honda lawnmower.  I normally ride all winter, and don’t winterize my own motorcycle instead taking every chance I can when the temps are above freezing to get in a few hours of riding here and there.

Do you winterize your motorcycle for a few months each year?  If so, beyond the simple basics of making sure the motorcycle is cleaned, lubricated, and the battery is on a tender for winter time, stabilizing your fuel is really important.  One big issue which is another personal rant I will spare you is ensuring that the bikes are stored with ETHANOL FREE gasoline if it can be purchased in your area.  In our case the only local retailer I’ve found who sell ethanol free fuel is Chevron with their 94 Octane fuel.

Using a fuel stabilizer essentially means adding a product to keep the fuel “fresh” beyond the typical 30-60 days that you get when it comes out of the gas station’s pump.  Stabilizing will ensure that when you put the motorcycle to bed in late fall, that the fuel will still be good to go in the spring or later.  In the case of Sea Foam, they claim it will stabilize fuel for storage for up to 2 years.  The other important thing to remember is that moisture will form in your fuel tank as the temperatures drop.  Keeping your tank completely topped up is the first step to fight moisture as the less airspace there is in the tank, the less room there is for moisture to develop.  Most good fuel stabilizers will also help fight moisture build up.  From personal experience living in a rainy winter city on Canada’s west coast, I can attest that Sea Foam is the best moisture fighting product I’ve used to date.

I have used this fuel treatment product for years in both gas and diesel applications.  I’ve used it to stabilize fuel for storage in motorcycles and scooters, to deal with moisture in diesel in our old sailboat, and to clean the carburetor of our Honda lawnmower.  What I haven’t used it for, but is another suggested use is to clean sludge from your oil system, and to quiet noisy lifters and hydraulic tensioners.

I have had 100% success with Sea Foam, and there is always a can of it in my garage as a result.  As with any chemical/oil product, only use it as directed, and follow your motorcycle manufacturer’s recommended guidance as a final authority.

You won’t see Sea Foam at a lot of Motorcycle online retailers as it is more of a “universal” product like WD 40, as opposed to a motorcycle specific brand like Motul, or Maxima.  I have only included a link for their 16 oz can as that is all most riders will need.  They do sell it in 1 gallon cans as well as a Sea Foam brand aerosol fogging oil.  I have zero experience with their fogging aerosol.

Sea Foam Engine Treatment is an inexpensive engine treatment that I have had great success using on a variety of machines including motorcycles and scooters for winterizing, moisture control in fuel, and carburetor cleaning.  It is highly recommended when used as directed.


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