Apr 15

Riding to the Arctic, an awesome series for the rider and non-rider alike.

This video series takes a while to go through, but it is time very well spent.  These three riders from OneWheelDrive.Net have done a better job of documenting travel between Vancouver, BC to far above the Arctic Circle than anything I’ve seen on the CBC or any of the other mainstream media.  They ride three adventure bikes; a BMW GS 1200 Adventure, a KTM Adventure 990, and a BMW GS 800.  As much as this series starts out being about the bikes, in the end it is far more about the adventure, the route, and the beauty of the Canadian Arctic.  These videos are best enjoyed in full screen 720p as long as your server can manage.  These are very vivid high quality and well edited videos.  My personal fave of the videos is the final one as it shows the colours of the arctic in a way that most will never experience.  Simply incredible.

For those who are unfamiliar with how the ride is, Google maps shows the shortest direct riding distance is 3626 km, much of it on gravel or mud.  Play with the zoom levels to get a better sense of the terrain challenges they saw.

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For those unfamiliar with their final destination reached by airplane here is a map showing Tuktoyaktuk, NWT;  the most northwesterly community in Canada.  Inuvik, the end point of the ride portion is included for reference.  Be sure to zoom out to see how far north this is from your own home town.

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Arctic Adventure Part One 1:57 min
Bug Blind

Arctic Adventure Part Two  5:09 min
Dust and Smoke in the Air

Arctic Adventure Part Three 5:52 min
Something Fishy (Warning some Sushi Violence)

Arctic Adventure Part Four 5:08 min
How Far North?

Arctic Adventure Part Five 10:16 min
Telegraph Creek

Arctic Adventure Part Six 10:09 min
The Dempster Part 1

Arctic Adventure Part Seven 4:26 min
The Dempster Part 2 (crossing the Arctic Circle)

Arctic Adventure Part Eight 3:57 min
Inuvik, NWT

Arctic Adventure Part Nine 8:16 min
Tuktoyaktuk, NWT (flying on after the road ends)

Arctic Adventure Part Ten 9:52 min
The Dempster – Part 3 (Farkle My Ride’s favorite video in the series)

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