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Review: Yana Shiki HID KIT for motorcycle headlights more light, less watts, lasts longer

Yana Shiki HID Lighting Kit for motorcycle headlights, more light, less watts, lasts longer, the full review

By Mark DT   In June, Mark Robbins sent us a fantastic article on LED lighting.  Mark also happens to own the exact same motorcycle as myself.  He also mentioned in his article how he went about changing his headlights from halogen to HID or “High Intensity Discharge” lighting.

Yana Shiki HID Lighting Kit, the silver flat box that is smaller than a deck of cards is the ballast.

I had previously reviewed PIAA Extreme White Plus Halogen bulbs and did my best to answer the question, does it really give 110 watts from a 55 watt bulb?  The big advantage to that bulb was the simplicity as it was only a bulb change. The Yana Shiki HID Lighting Kit is a little more complicated, and slightly more expensive.

Now the question I wanted answered, is it worth it? There are several things that make HID lights preferable.  The manufacturer claims the Yana Shiki HID Light Kit is three times brighter than the original Halogen lighting, and despite being three times brighter it uses only 35 watts of power versus 55 watts of power that the halogen original H7 bulb uses.

Saving those 20 watts for me is crucial as I will use that 20 watt savings to give amps to my new 3000 lumen LED driving lights.  Further improvement comes from the projected lifespan of the product.  They claim it will last five times longer than a standard halogen bulb. There are numerous HID plug and play lighting kits on the market for those upgrading from halogen headlights.

My choice of Yana Shiki over other brands was purely based on its two year industry leading warranty, and the fact that several of the big name retailers sold Yana Shiki HID lighting kits giving me confidence it was a well vetted brand.  I will pay a few dollars more upfront for a better warranty when I have zero experience with the product.  That was definitely the case here as none of my riding buddies had tried HID lighting upgrades yet…I expect that will change soon.

The operation of a HID while more powerful and sophisticated is very similar to that of a fluorescent tube light you likely have in your home or office.  There is an additional piece of kit called a “ballast” that ignites the gas.  The ballast is wired between the light and the motorcycle’s electrical system.  This is what scares off many from trying HID lights in their motorcycle.  Put your fears aside, this ballast issue is dead simple and the benefits of this Yana Shiki HID Light Kit more than make up for the extra installation time.  The other similarity to fluorescent lighting is that is takes up to 10 seconds from being turned on to reach full brightness.  For this reason you may wish to keep your stock halogen bulb for high beam use as the effectiveness to “flash” the high beams is less with a HID.

With the low beams that are just left on from start it is zero issue and the installation of a HID causes no compromises. When it came to installing these lights, I had mine done at the dealership as my motorcycle is only 5 months in on its 24 month warranty.  As I was making a change to electrics I felt it necessary to protect my warranty coverage having the work done at my local Triumph Dealer.  I spoke to the technician who did the install who said it was very simple, and the total install was around 45 minutes shop time.  I have phoned two other local motorcycle repair shops and asked for a quote on installing a HID kit into a halogen fitted headlight and the quotes ranged from 30 minutes to 1 hour.  According to the installer at my dealer, the kit had excellent instructions and was well made.  If you are comfortable with DIY motorcycle electrics you should be able to tackle this yourself.

Yana Shiki HID Lighting Kit for Motorcycles


3x brighter than standard halogen, lasts 5x longer, uses 20 watts less electrical load


Requires more installation time than a standard bulb swap


I purchased the 6000k colour which I think is the better choice of the two offered.  The other colour choice is 8000k which is more blue than white and I think would be less than ideal is your goal is to improve the lighting as opposed to a style choice.  I wish they had a 4500k option, as I prefer a pure white without any blue tinge whatsoever however the positive of this colour (6000k) is that it is an exact match to the 3000 Lumen LED lights I have paired them with.

Daytime Shot of the Yana Shiki HID light. Note that on the Tiger, only the low beam (on the right) is illuminated unless the high beams are selected on.

My first night ride testing occurred visiting my parents on Vancouver Island this past weekend.  I asked my Dad if he would allow me to follow him on a dark highway while we chatted with me using my Chatterbox XBI2 helmet Bluetooth, and him using a Bluetooth earpiece in the car.  I wanted to see if this light was “too bright” or dangerous for other drivers.  My father who is quite traditional and complains often about new cars with those “excessively bright blueish headlights” said that he found it to be zero issue being followed at night while I used this light on my motorcycle.  For those that know my Dad, this is high praise.

Now the verdict?  Yes the light is much better than before.  I never enjoyed riding at night on the Triumph Tiger 1050 because of the poor stock lighting.  This Yana Shiki HID Lighting Kit makes the low beam usable alone on a pitch black night on a streetlight free road with my motorcycle.  That is something I never felt comfortable with before and makes it a very worthwhile purchase.

The fact that is uses less wattage to produce more light, and lasts five times longer than stock more than justifies the additional installation time.  Highly recommended if you are less than satisfied with your motorcycles lighting, or if you ride at night often.  You’ll see better, and be better seen. I purchased my Yana Shiki HID Light Kit more than two years ago and am very happy with it.

I recommend clicking “buy” below to go to as they offer the best price on Yana Shiki HID Kits online.  If you wish to look through 16 other motorcycle vendors and price check them all click here for our special Farkle My Ride shopping, coupons, and contests page.  If one of the other 15 vendors has a better price please let me know.

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