Apr 13

Pulstar Spark Plugs for Motorcycles

Get more BANG from your combustion stroke with a Pulstar Pulse Plug

By Mark DT

Years ago in high school shop class we were taught the four strokes of the common internal combustion engine.  Intake, compression, combustion, and exhaust.  Being goofy hormone charged teenagers we remembered this as: suck, squeeze, bang and blow.  Cheesy yes, but we all aced our finals.

Engineers are always looking for ways to maximize the potential of each of these four strokes to get the most power delivered to our rear wheel.  We see riders use K&N filters to aid their intake stroke, and use after market exhausts to maximize the power potential of their exhaust stroke.  However, up to now there has been relatively little advancement for inexpensive but substantial improvements of the power stroke.  Enter Pulstar spark plugs that appear to have claims on re-writing the book on how to maximize the bang in your motorcycle’s combustion stroke.


plug comparison

The heart of this new plug lies in its capacitor.

Pulstar calls their product a “Pulse Plug” instead of a spark plug.  Look at the diagram and you can see the heart of the product lies in its capacitive element.  This capacitor stores energy and at the exact moment it is required releases this energy in what the manufacturer claims is a two nano second high-energy pulse that is very powerful.  How powerful?  They claim it is 20,000 times greater energy than any spark plug!

As any rider knows, better combustion means more power.  However, it also means better economy since every last drop of fuel gets burned.  Getting more power while burning less gas is something that is of interest to all riders and drivers.  Especially when all that is required is a simple spark plug change.  Unfortunately, they haven’t yet produced a plug that fits my Triumph but I will order a set for my car when the plugs are due to be replaced.  In the meantime I have included a link to Amazon where you can find out if there is a Pulstar Pulse Plug that fits your ride. 

Click here to have a closer look at the Pulstar POWERSPORTS Pulse Plugs he2rt on Amazon.com


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