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New Category: Ultimate Rides submitted by our users

Want to find a perfect road? Do you have a motorcycle destination to share? Ultimate Rides was made for riders to share their favourite roads online.

by Mark DT

I have a number of riding buddies who give me great feedback about Farkle My Ride.  A comment I’ve heard is that the site should have an Ultimate Rides section, where riders can submit a ride report with photos and maps.  This has also been suggested to me by a number of our Facebook users.  So starting today we have created a new menu selection in Farkle My Ride called Ultimate Rides.  We are very lucky in that we have riders using this website from every corner of the globe.  A quick look at our Facebook users shows riders from North America, South and Central America, Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.  That is a lot of riders covering a lot of roads.  We look forward to reading all our users have to share about the best roads from around the world.

Round she spins
Want to share an Ultimate Ride with us?  Be sure to visit the “how to submit an article” page on Farkle My Ride.  This is always located on the top menu.


So what are the qualities that make for a potential Ultimate Ride?  For me what makes an Ultimate Ride can vary.  It can be the destination, it can be an amazing set of corners, and valleys, it can even be a quiet road that leads to great motorcycle bar.  When in doubt ask yourself what you would recommend to a rider who just moved to your area, and go from there.  It can be a very short ride, or it can be a journey across a continent.  It just must be something you would be excited to share with other riders as a worthwhile trip to take on a motorcycle.

While a local ride for you seems easy and accessible, it may be considered an Ultimate Ride by a visitor.  For example, I live less than an hour from Canada’s famous Sea to Sky Highway which takes you from the Pacific shoreline to Whistler, BC where the 2010 Winter Olympics held many of the events.  This ride while done by almost every local motorcyclist each season, has been featured in numerous motorcycle magazines from the foreign press.

For an Ultimate Ride submission here are a few tips…

1.)  Include a link to a Google map of your route, or include a turn by turn routing separate from your article and photos and we will create one for you.

eg)  Here is a map we made using Google Maps of a ride from Vancouver, BC, Canada to Whistler, BC, Canada.  All we did was visit Google Maps, click “get directions” and enter the start and destination points.  Once the map appears you can customize the route as you choose, and once finished simply email a link to the map which we will use to place on the site along with your article.

View Larger Map
Click here If you would like to watch a video on how to create a google map.


2)  Please be sure to label pictures with a number sequence to make it easy for us to insert them into the website. 

eg) BobsCanyonrun1.jpg, BobsCanyonrun2.jpg, BobsCanyonrun3.jpg, etc…)  This step will prevent your pictures being placed out of sequence with your ride report.  If you are unsure how to do this, please make it very obvious with descriptions of which photo should go where within your article to minimize errors.

When in doubt simply ask us how to get it done, and we will walk you through.  The important thing is to get your favourite rides shared with other motorcyclists.  Our contact information can be found here.

It is a big planet, with lots of roads.  Please send us your Ultimate Ride report and we’ll make sure riders from around the world get to see it right here.

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