Apr 25

Perfect Motorcycle T-shirt for my man

This Motorcycle T-Shirt sums up how he feels nicely.

By Anne DT


My husband Mark often hints that we should get another couple of motorcycles. I think two are plenty, but whenever Mark gets his hands on a new motorcycle magazine, glances at eBay or Craiglist, or goes to a motorcycle show he starts to drool over another model. (Motorcycle model thankfully, not a female model!). These days he’s got his eyes out for a cafe racer and I must admit that there are some really nice ones out there.

When I saw this t-shirt I thought it was perfect for him because he does not think you can have too many motorcycles. How about you? Which bike would you like to add to the garage this year?

Click the image below to have a closer look at the t-shirt that I found on Cafepress.com.


“You can never have too many motorcycles” – my husband agrees.

Click here to buy this t-shirt on Cafepress.com – It is available in many styles.

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