Jun 17

Motorcycle Helmet with HUD being developed…

Will this “Google Glasses” style Helmet visor interface be the future of motorcycle riding? (with video)

By Mark DT

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Imagine having a first class Snell/ECE rated motorcycle helmet that projects all navigation information onto the inside of the face shield?  How about being able to speak your commands to it much like SIRI, or My Ford Touch and never having to take your hands off the handlebars?  The future for motorcyclists may be nearer than we think thanks to some hardworking Russian scientists and engineers who are developing such a helmet right now.

Like many things in the world, often the best technology gets developed for military use, and then eventually it trickles down to us non-military users.  Aviation, and the internet are both areas where military needs created technology that later found mass use in the civilian world.  This helmet in many ways shares the same story.  What first developed in aviation for fighter jets was known as HUD, or “heads up display”.  In essence what it did was project all the important information the pilot needed to see right onto the windscreen so the pilot never needed to take his eyes down onto his panel, and could keep 100% of his vision engaged on the enemy, or his formation.  Eventually this technology filtered down to the airlines, with the newest Boeings offering airline pilots the same HUD displays.  Canadian jet manufacturer Bombardier has used HUD for many years, and as an airline pilot I’ve had a chance to use it a decade ago on the CL-65 RJ and can personally attest it is extremely useful technology making flying safer for all involved.  Bringing this tech to the motorcycle world is a welcome development.

Now we are seeing this technology taken from the sky to the road for motorcyclists.  I love using my Garmin Zumo 660 GPS but realize that using this technology safely on the road means never allowing yourself to fixate on the screen, and making all of you navigation commands while stopped at the side of the road.  In fact the opening screen of most motorcycle GPS units have a warning screen telling you never to manipulate the unit while moving on the road.  Having the navigation information focused on my face shield, and no longer needing to type commands is a massive step forward.  If you are ready to place an order for your own motorcycle helmet with HUD you can visit http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/livemap-motorbike-helmet-with-navigation.


Here is an excellent seven minute video from the company which shows in detail how exciting this new motorcycle helmet with HUD is and what it means to riders.


Imagine this being streamed into your face shield on the road. Visit http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/livemap-motorbike-helmet-with-navigation to learn more.

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