Feb 26

Left lane hogs… Is this a problem in your backyard?

Stuck behind a slow poke in the passing lane?  It’s a problem here in British Columbia, as well as in Toronto, Ontario.

by Mark DT


Recently I brought to my rider friends attention the fact that despite all the statistical evidence, most of North America including my beloved home province of British Columbia, Canada have laws forbidding lane splitting.  In other words, governments feel better knowing that riders may get rear ended and traffic will flow more slowly so long as they don’t offend the majority of voters who spend their life in four wheel cages.  Imagine my surprise then last night when my local news station ran this story about what no doubt is the number one pet peeve of motorists.  Left lane hogs, ie) those that cruise in the passing lane.  To watch the local BCTV News Report click here.

left lane

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