Jun 15

Ladies! Motorbikes Are Not Just For Men – Here Is What You Need To Know!

By Miley Stevens  


More and more women are getting into motorbiking. It has always been a form of transport that more men are into than women, but all that is changing. It’s largely because of the cost saving – it’s far cheaper to buy and maintain a motorbike than it is a car. If you have a daily commute in rush hour traffic then it’s especially good – sailing past queues of traffic on your bike is very satisfying indeed! It’s really easy to get set up once you have your licence sorted (but check your local laws for what the rules are in your area). Assuming you’ve got the bike sorted, what else do you need to have in order to get riding? We’ll tell you about some essential safety accessories here.

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Helmets are absolutely vital and it’s illegal to ride without one. Never ever buy a used one – you will have no idea of its history and if it has been involved in a smash then the impact may have damaged it. Your helmet should be good quality and it needs a lot of looking after – even dropping it on the floor may cause damage that you can’t see, but may still affect its durability – so take good care of it. Not only will they protect your skull in the event of a collision, but the visor is essential for keeping dust and flies out of your eyes while you are riding. Never ride with the visor up – it will impair your visibility. Make sure you choose the right size helmet for your head as it needs to fit perfectly. Some people add stickers to their helmets to add some personality.


Gloves are really important as they protect the hands, as well as keeping them dry and warm while you are riding. You can get them in a wide variety of styles, colours and sizes so you can find a pair that suits the rest of your outfit.


If you are going to take your biking seriously you’ll need a set of leathers. This is by far the best type of clothing to protect you while you are on the road. Short distance bikers often use more casual clothing, but long distance riders prefer to go with leather.

Sprockets and chains

You should always travel with a spare sprocket and chain so that you can make some basic repairs should anything go wrong.

It’s really important that you get fully kitted out before you hit the road. Motorcyclists are particularly at risk on the road because it is sometimes so hard to spot them, so it is vital that you do all you can to be seen. Wear some hi-viz clothing and make sure all your lights are fully working so that other drivers have the best chance of seeing you. If you take someone on the back of your bike then they will need a helmet and gloves too – don’t compromise their safety either.

Once you’ve got all these things you’re good to go – happy biking!

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[important]Miley Stevens works for Pit Stop Parts and Apparel which offers motorbike helmets and accessories to customers. She is a motorbike and a technology enthusiast and she often writes about her interests.[/important]

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