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Kawasaki brings ABS to the baby Ninja

Kawasaki will bring ABS to the the Ninja 250r model for 2013, plus our recommendations to boost the performance of any 2012 and earlier North American Ninja 250R.

by Mark DT

Only a few weeks ago, when commenting on the new 2013 Kawasaki Ninja 650 press release, I made the following statement:

If I had my wish, the Ninja 250r would debut in 2013 with fuel injection and ABS, while all their other models would have ABS as an available option.

Well it looks like I may have had one possibly two wishes granted.  Yesterday on Kawasaki’s corporate site from Japan we received news that the smallest member of the Ninja family will be available with ABS.  It looks like they are taking competition from Honda seriously with its CBR250 that is both fuel injected and has available ABS.

The Kawasaki website goes on to state that there is digital fuel injection available in “some markets”.  Will Canada or the USA finally be in “those markets”?  While a jet kit can make your carburetor fit Ninja run really well, most of us want the simplicity and better efficiency that fuel injection offers.  Hopefully the North American market will get what the European’s have enjoyed since 2008 which is a fuel injected Kawasaki Ninja 250r instead of a less expensive, carburetor only version.

Here are a couple of teaser shots from Kawasaki Japan’s gallery page.

If you already are an owner of a North American registered Kawasaki Ninja 250R then keep reading.  If you haven’t done the following three upgrades, you have no idea what you are missing.  There will be an article on this coming out later, but seriously check out these links below to transform your Ninja 250r into a much more powerful and rewarding motorcycle to ride.


1. Get a Dynojet Kit Stage 2.  This will get your motorcycle’s fuelling sorted in a big way.  It will warm up faster, and combined with improvements to your intake, (air filter), and exhaust, will transform the Ninja into a faster more rewarding motorcycle to ride.


Dynojet Stage 2 Jet Kit Dynojet Stage 2 Jet KitIntended for motorcycles with a stock or mildly tuned engine using a well designed aftermarket pipe with a modified airbox and a stock replacement air filter. Stage 2 kits are designed for applications where individual filters cannot be installed and for applications where airbox modification improves the engine’s performance. In most cases power increases of approximately 8% can be achieved.



2.  Get a K&N Air Filter.  This filter is washable, and lasts almost forever with basic maintenance.  However that isn’t why I recommend it.  It is recommended because it lets your engine breath better by allowing more air in.  It is less restrictive than a stock filter, yet protects the same.  With more fuel added with a DynoJet kit above, the engine needs more air to keep the fuel ratios the same.  Combine these two performance parts together and you get more power, and a better overall riding experience.  I’m shocked that most owners don’t do this upgrade within weeks of bringing the bike home.


3.  Finally go buy that aftermarket exhaust you’ve lusted over.  With the above steps done it is time to get a sweet sounding aftermarket exhaust that will also add more horsepower to your ride.  Most quality aftermarket exhausts are lighter, and they are less restrictive.  By breathing better they allow the engine to produce more power.  Remember though that Steps 1 (Dynojet)  & 2 (K&N Air-filter) above may not be sexy, but they are essential to make any exhaust whether it is a slip or full system, really work to its full potential.  This Akrapovic Slip-On Exhaust is recommended both for its excellent performance, and the fact it is street legal for noise.


Akrapovic Slip-On Exhaust - Carbon Fiber Akrapovic Slip-On Exhaust – Carbon FiberA new generation of mufflers based on the design of Akrapovic Racing and Evolution line exhaust systems using state-of-the-art materials to provide top-flight performance, the lowest possible weight and the highest production quality.Conforms to the strict EU regulations for street use and satisfy all conditions for exhaust system noise levels and safety. Approved by the technical standards board for each specific type of motorcycle, which is indicated by a stamp of approval on the muffler.Noise levels are lower, but the recognizable Akrapovic sound is still there.Chrome finish.Aluminum material.Oval-shaped slip-on canister with carbon fiber outer sleeve.


Now, the above links are all through MotoSport.  The pricing at time of publishing was excellent.  However if you would like to do some extra comparison shopping, click here to get to our shopping page.  We have fourteen of the world’s best online retailers of motorcycle parts and accessories gathered together in one place.  We also add digital coupons, and contests whenever we can to make this site work better for you the rider to help you stay informed and save money.


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