Aug 17

Instant price comparisons for Motorcycle gear

Farkle My Ride introduces Instant price comparisons for every possible kind of Motorcycle gear

Comparison price shopping online just got a whole lot easier


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In our effort to keep things fast and easy for you to get the best price on every possible online motorcycle clothing, farkle, accessory, part, tires,and gear purchase; we’ve paired with the help of Pepperjam networks to give you the ability to price compare from four online motorcycle gear and accessory stores.  JC Whitney, To Be Fast, Bikers Den, and Mx Megastore are the first participants in this.  For our other affiliates I can’t yet get their prices integrated in the search bar so your best bet is to visit them with the Coupons, Discounts, and Shopping page.  All the affiliates we have paired with are excellent reliable vendors with great pricing and customer service.  All we have done is made it easier for you the rider to get the best price in the least time.

Simply type the item you are looking for in the search bar below e.g) Shoei, chain lube or even Ninja 250 exhaust, etc.  You will be provided with all the items and the prices from any of the four above stores.  Find the best price item, and click the link to go to the store.  This saves you time and money.  Up to 10 items per page will display.  Keep using the search bar to narrow down your options if you find you get too many pages of products to search through.

This is technology is brand new for us, please post your comments below and give us all the feedback you can so we can continue to improve this powerful tool for you the rider.  If you encounter any errors simply add a comment and we will get to it as fast as possible.

Simply type the item you are looking for in the search bar below.

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