Oct 30

Icon Device Textile Over Pants Review

A “Noob” reviews his gear

by James aka “Mr. BBQ”


I am a new rider, and am not a writer.  I’m sending this review in to help my fellow “Noobs” find some good gear.

I bought the Icon Device Textile Pants (Amazon.com link) online and got them pretty quickly.  Like… 3-4 days I think.  Now, I’m a big fella and took a bit of a chance ordering pants over the interwebs, but my local shops didn’t carry sizes up to 48 and had to order them.  So I’d kinda be in the same boat except for having to drive them back to the store if they didn’t work out.  Well, they’re actually a bit big on me and fit a little weird.  I like a higher waistband trouser and these are very low cut. Like… kinda uncomfy about the frank and beans when pulled up waist high.  I use them as over pants… so not a huge deal as my jeans will sit where I like them.  I just wear these a bit lower.  They also have a zipper in the back that can attach to the zipper on your jacket.  That is if you’re dexterous enough (or have someone to help you) to get it zipped.  I fail in both regards… so haven’t done that yet.  They’re also a very long pant.  So long, that I have to roll them up a bit to keep them from dragging when I walk.  I found out that the lining will melt rather quickly when if touching a hot exhaust pipe. Oops.

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As far as safety goes, they’re textile.  I do not know how burn or melt resistant they are.   They do have some armor in the knees… but none in the seat or hip.  I hope they would ‘slide’ better than plain jeans by themselves.  The knee pads are designed to fit right around the knee when leg is bent.  There is nothing reflective about these black pants.  Would it have killed Icon to put some reflective piping down the leg or something?  Probably not, but iI guess that is what you get for $100 pants?

Ratcheted buckle, zippered pockets and inseam zippers make the over pants easy to take on and off if you don’t want to wear them around your destination.

Overall, I’d rate these:  3 out of 5 turkey legs.  Probably more like 2.5 turkey legs but I’m too lazy to make 1/2 a turkey leg so I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt since I’ve never owned motorcycle pants before.



Icon Device Textile Pants

Icon Device Textile Pants, also available in grey.

Icon Device Textile Over Pants – Product description:

Striking a delicate balance between style, fit and function is no easy task for the modern textile riding pant. The Device™ pant manages to walk this delicate line while succeeding in every category. A minimalist design speaks of a low-key style perfectly at home on any motorcycle. The relaxed pattern, dual waist adjusters, and ratchet closure fly provide an excellent riding fit. Finally, the textile chassis and full-length inseam zippers combine for both durability and easy on-off. The Device textile pant, the everyman riding pant.

  • Icon overpant fit pattern.
  • Durable textile chassis.
  • Removable / adjustable CE impact protectors.
  • Adjustable waist straps.
  • Ratchet waist closure.
  • Zippered side pockets for secure storage.
  • Inseam zippers for easy on / off.

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