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Honda CBR600F: A Good Choice

The Honda CBR600F is a motorbike you can use for virtually any task.

It performs spectacularly on the race track, is good for touring, and also makes a great city commuter. With so many competing models, however, is purchasing a Honda CBR600F still a good choice?


By Mark Cuthill


2013 CBR600F(a)


The first CBR600F hit markets in 1987 and the last revamped model was launched in 2006. Its combination of low price and high quality made it a massive success in the 600cc market and the bike also performed well on the race track.

Since 1987, Honda has sold millions of these bikes across Asia, Europe, and the US. Recently, however, the CBR600F has declined in sales due to increasing 600cc competition like the CBR600RR, which focuses on hardcore sports riding.

Performance2013 CBR600F(b)

The CBR600F is like a Hornet except with a nicer frame.

Like the Hornet, it is a strong, solid bike with excellent engine performance. It is capable of 100bhp, but the CBR600F is designed with the novice rider in mind. The riding position is also more comfortable than Honda’s other sporty bikes and the brakes are gentler.

At 202kg, the CBR600F isn’t the lightest of 600cc bikes, but it feels fairly light when going around corners. The gearbox has a 6-speed chain driven mechanism that works well in city traffic. As a commuter, the 10500RPM and 63NM of torque is also a plus.


Honda bikes have always been known for their sleek design – and this model is no exception.

So if you fancy getting your hands on one, click here. The bodywork features interesting and clear-cut lines that always attract attention on the road. However, some critics claim its design has a certain immaturity that may put off riders who like a sophisticated-looking bike.2013 CBR600F(c)


The handling on the CBR600F is delightful. While it shares the same suspension system as the Hornet, its sleek shape makes it more responsive and stable than most Honda motorcycles. It is very fun to drive and has a natural feel about it – even for amateurs. The ABS brakes have an anti-locking mechanism which is especially useful for emergency braking.


Overall, the CBR600F is an impressive bike. While it may not appeal to the hardcore sports racers, it is a perfect all-around motorcycle. If you are a beginner rider looking to buy the CBR600RR, start with the F series as it is much easier to drive and far more comfortable.

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