Jan 04

Farkle My Ride

F.A.R.K.L.E. – Fancy Accessory Really Kool Likely Expensive
Ref:  urbandictionary.com

Here is how we see it and define it…

Verb: The process of kitting out your motorcycle with cool accessories.

Example: “I am spending crazy money farkling my motorcycle.”

Noun:  A piece of additional equipment, often termed “after market accessory”, that enhances, customizes, improves, or simply changes the motorcycle to suit the want of the owner.

Example: “That new lightweight carbon fibre exhaust, was an expensive but worthwhile farkle.”

This website is dedicated to the wonderful world of farkling your ride.   Reviews and articles are about everything from exhausts, to lights, to GPS and more.  Each article allows for you to comment or ask questions to the author.

In addition we have partnered with some of the top motorcycle accessory retailers to offer coupon codes, access to great contests, and save time by simplifying your shopping experience by grouping all the best retailers in one place.  One page takes you to twelve of the top motorcycle part and accessory online retailers to speed up your comparison shopping.

Finally we try to scour the internet to find interesting news, and videos for all things motorcycle related.

If you have a farkle review, motorcycle story, ride report, or video you would like to share on Farkle My Ride, please click here to learn how.  If you are a facebook user, be sure to “like us on facebook”.

Thanks for visiting.  Now its time to GET FARKLING….!


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