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Gearing up when its HOT HOT HOT part two, Kevlar Jeans with CE Armor

Motorcycle Kevlar Jeans review… by Mark DT

Gear up when its HOT HOT HOT

Part Two

In part one of this three part article I detailed hot weather riding jackets as well as giving my own personal accolades to Joe Rocket’s Alter Ego line of Jackets.  Now its time to discuss protecting one’s assets or lower half.  There are numerous options to look at when it comes to motorcycle riding jeans.  In the end style and function all battle it out when we decide how much we wish to suit up to protect ourselves on the road.  Thankfully, there is less and less need to compromise safety for style.

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Kevlar Jeans

This has to be one of the best ways to get some decent level of protection while still allowing you the ability to use your motorcycle as functional transportation and not just a joy riding device.  I love to use my motorcycle to replace my car whenever possible.  However, I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t like going to the mall, movies, doctor’s office, etc in my riding pants over my casual clothes.  This is where I find Kevlar motorcycle riding jeans to offer an excellent compromise between fashion, practicality and safety on the road.

There are many good brands out there.  Joe Rocket, Drayko, Draggin, AGV, all make good quality riding jeans.  I opted to personally buy Sartso Kevlar Jeans.  They are tough enough that even my own mother who is in a constant state of worry whenever I ride out to visit her gives them a thumbs up.  The construction is fantastic and they offer CE armor in the knees.  What’s best is that when I wear them, nobody knows I am wearing “protective” riding gear.  I use them almost exclusively for riding within the city and short highway jaunts.  I won’t say a negative word about the other companies’ gear, only that my Sartso Kevlar Lined Jeans have performed superbly and I will buy them again in the future.  For sizing, I found them to be equal to Levi’s.  I wear a 34″ waist normally in casual jeans, and my Sartso Motorcycle Jean with Kevlar and CE Armor Knee pads also are a 34″ and fit like they are tailor-made for me.

As much as I love my Kevlar Jeans during hot weather, when I go touring I tend to want a little more protection.  That is when I opt for dedicated armored riding over pants.  There are great hot weather armored pants options which offer tons of protection.  This is discussed in part three.

The best online pricing I can find on Sartso jeans so far is listed below.  I’ve also hunted out and I think I found the best pricing online for both Joe Rocket and Drayko kevlar jeans.  Click the links and you will be brought to the vendor offering the price listed.  If you find a better price please send me an email.


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