Aug 17

Gearing up when its HOT HOT HOT, Mesh Pants, Part Three

Motorcycle Armored Partial and Full Mesh Pants, better safety and beats the heat.

By Mark DT

In part one we looked at hot weather riding jackets, in part two we looked at Kevlar Jeans.  To close this series on good hot weather riding gear it is time to look at hot weather riding motorcycle pants.  Specifically, armored mesh riding pants.

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Moving up to armored motorcycle over pants which are worn over your clothes is normally a step up in safety on the road.  In the summer when touring I personally use Joe Rocket Alter Ego Pants.  Again back to being a frugal rider, I like these pants as they are three season pants.  They have zip away panels that expose the mesh.  With these on, and a pair of shorts on underneath I find riding in the heat very bearable.  I had non-mesh armor pants before and found them just too warm to use in high temperatures.  The nice thing about the Joe Rocket Alter Ego motorcycle pant is that they have a zip in rain/wind liner that makes them a great cool temperature pant in the same way as their Alter-Ego jacket does.  From 50’F or 10’C in rain to 78’F or 25’C in the sun is a really good range of temperature for a single pair of riding pants.  For where I live, (British Columbia), this is ideal.
If you live in a warmer climate, (25’C or 78’F and hotter) I would strongly consider instead of the above going to an all mesh pant.  If possible ditch the black and go white as it will absorb less sun and keep you cooler.  There is a reason all those Bedouins wandering the desert dressed themselves in white robes.  White is cooler than black in the strong sun.  If I lived in Texas or Arizona white mesh motorcycle pants would be on the top of my shopping list.  Note that the below image for the ICON Hooligan2 Mesh Overpants is black, but white pants are available when you select your size from the link.  Sorry ladies, I haven’t found pure white motorcycle pants for you yet, but Scorpion makes a lighter pant (Savannah) , and Joe Rocket also has a great black pant that is really well vented.  The black mesh Cleo Joe Rocketpants are what my wife uses and she loves them, even though she would prefer them in a lighter color.   
 To close the topic of hot weather riding one must bring up the best material for safety even though it isn’t necessarily the best for cooling.  The best material for abrasion resistance is leather.  Being the best also means it is the most expensive.  However if you do the occasional track day then it is a very wise investment.  Here is one link to some excellent perforated white leather pants that should keep you cool and protect your hide. If you are a real track junkie then your best bet is still to go for a one piece riding suit.  That is a topic for another time.

Pleases visit the links I’ve searched for you as they are excellent pricing and safe top notch vendors.  If you find better deals please email me so I can share them with our readers.  Cheers… Mark DT


Compound Mesh Overpants Compound Mesh OverpantsIcon Compound Mesh Overpant The Compound Mesh Overpants blend the abrasion resistance of premium grade cowhide with the breathability of Fighter Mesh, resulting in the perfect balance of comfort and protection. Dual full-length side zippers make for an easy on/off procedure and the adjustable waist straps combined with a ratchet waist closure allow for a fine-tuned fit. Once the pant is on, you’ll notice expansion panels in critical areas which aid in both overall comfort and keeping the removable/adjustable CE knee impact protectors in their proper position. If you’re looking for serious warm weather protection for your bottom half, your search is over. Features: Icon overpant fit pattern Durable leather and fighter mesh chassis Removable/adjustable CE knee impact protectors 2-way side zipper Adjustable waist straps Ratchet waist closure Ribbed flex panels on knees Zippered side pockets for secure storage


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