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Gearing up when its HOT HOT HOT part one, Jackets…

Gearing up when it’s HOT HOT HOT

Part One, Joe Rocket Jackets

Mesh motorcycle riding jackets to the rescue… by Mark DT

Summer is here.  The temperatures thankfully are high.  I love summer and love the heat, however, I am an admitted safety nerd and subscribe to ATGATT or All The Gear All The Time when riding my motorcycle.  When the temperatures are above 25’C or 80’F you’ll be forgiven for wanting not to suit up when you go for a ride.  Unfortunately, no matter how hot it is, in the event of an accident, wearing your T-shirt and Levi’s won’t do much to protect your skin and bones.


Here I am doing my best impression of “The Stig”, wearing my Alter Ego Jacket and Pants. The green areas on the jacket are mesh vented while the rest is heavy cordura. On the pants, the light grey area is mesh. Both contain ECE approved armor where it matters. Cool, bright, safe.  Perfect for hot weather riding the danger filled streets of cagers.



Joe Rocket Alter Ego 3.0 Review
I love Joe Rocket’s Alter Ego line of motorcycle jackets and pants.  Their riding gear are ideal for a frugal Canadian in that they offer three-season weather protection.  They have CE Armor in the shoulders and elbows, and a foam back pad that can be upgraded to CE level for an additional cost.  The best part is that the vented motorcycle jacket can be worn as simply a very breathable mesh jacket that is very comfortable even at 85′ or warmer.  Yet with its zip in wind liner and zip over vest the coat can also work nicely in temps down 50′ F or 10’C with a thin sweater underneath.  Again me being the safety nerd I like being seen.  Thankfully, they offer a decent supply of color options including a bright day glow yellow which I own and use daily.  I’ve worn this coat in pouring rain and stayed dry.  I’ve also worn it on hot humid days and kept reasonably cool providing I was moving along at more than 15 mph.  At a standstill in the heat, you’ll sweat no matter what.

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If you don’t suit up because it’s warm you are taking an unnecessary risk when comfortable hot weather options exist.  I can not highly enough recommend getting a good mesh riding jacket with armor.  You’ll stay cool, and protect yourself in the event that the traffic gods are working against you.  My Joe Rocket Alter Ego jacket ( link) has been my favorite riding jacket to date and gets used nine months a year, with the other three months the motorcycle being parked due to snow, ice, or heavy west coast winter rain.

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