Mar 10

Flash2Pass – A garage door opener for motorcyclists

By Brian Quinn

Review of the lazy rider’s garage door opener, Flash2Pass.

Flash2Pass Review

I have always found it a pain to get into the garage after a ride. Wearing gloves, it takes me some time to dig the garage door opener out of my pocket, fumble with it, and then occasionally dropping it on the ground. The remote was working fine but I didn’t care for having one more item to carry with me everywhere I went on the bike.

After I learned that there are gadgets out there that allow you to open your garage door by flashing the high beams on your motorcycle and then reading positive reviews about the Flash2Pass on a forum, I decided to get one for myself.  I bought mine on Amazon and it arrived faster than expected, within a couple of days.


I never have much luck with installing new things, but the instructions that came with the kit made sense and it only took me a little over an hour to get both the receiver and transmitter set up. I installed the transmitter behind my Harley’s headlight and it only required tapping onto two wires (no cutting). I am pleased that the on-bike transmitter was easily hidden inside the headlight enclosure.

It only took me a few minutes to replace the garage door button with the button that came with the kit. All I had to do was parallel the wires into the existing garage door opener. I read that some people had problems with the range because their receiver was located in the back of their garage, so I was relieved that mine was right beside the garage door, so I didn’t have to move it closer to the front of the garage to get the maximum range to the transmitter on my bike.

There is a simple reset and pairing procedure provided in the instructions. Once paired, all I did was flash the high beams on and off quickly to activate the garage door. Experimenting a bit with the distance I find that I have to be within 50 feet of the garage before the transmitter will activate the door, but some people are able to open their garage doors from a greater distance than that.

I read that about 4% of garage door openers do not supply enough power to the wall switch to power without a supplemental power source. Anything from 9VDC to 12VDC output will work. You know if that’s the case if the light does not flash when you install the opener and plug it in. However, you can get a AC adapter cheap and it will fix this problem.

After a few months of using it I bought a second transmitter and put it on my other motorcycle. Programming the additional transmitter was very easy. Apparently, a total of six transmitters can be added to one Flash2Pass receiver, so if I convince my wife to get her own motorcycle this year, I can easily get one for her bike as well.

The Flash2Pass has to be the best gadget I bought for my Harley last year. It’s a bit more money than a pocket key fob garage opener, but way cooler and you can’t possibly forget it in your other jacket. I can get the door fully open and ride into the garage without stopping. It sure beats dismounting to open/close the garage door or searching for the remote in your pocket. I don’t have to worry about replacing the batteries, there aren’t any! I just hit the high beams twice on the street and the garage door is open by the time I reach the garage.

Thank you for this review, Brian!  I need to upgrade my garage door opener this year and it is not a very reliable system.  The guy who made the video below has the same system as I have:

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