Jun 21

FIAMM Low Tone Horn, easy mount, low cost and LOUD!

Searching for an inexpensive and easy to mount horn for your ride. FIAMM has the answer with its Freeway Blaster FIAMM Low Tone Horn. (includes video)

by Mark DT


130 decibels, low in tone, low in price, good value for your ride.

130 decibels, low in tone, low in price, good value for your ride.

I am not a “loud pipes saves lives” type of rider.  I have no doubt that a loud exhaust does make you more noticeable to the drones of inattentive cagers on the road, but I have too much respect for my neighbours to want to have a motorcycle that makes lots of noise every moment it is running.  I do however want to be heard when I need to be and that means having a decent horn.  The stock horn on my motorcycle was reasonably loud, but the tone was in a higher range which I believe made it harder to hear.  I wanted a horn that was louder, and lower in tone than my stock horn, but ultimately fit exactly where my old horn was mounted.  Thankfully the FIAMM Low Tone Horn appeared to tick all the boxes so I took a chance and ordered it.

The horn fit exactly in the stock horn’s location.  A relay was added to ensure that the additional electrical load was managed properly.  Otherwise this was a fairly straightforward part change.  There are some excellent more powerful horns made by Wolo, and PIAA that are louder than this horn, however my goal was to 1) Keep the fitting as stock as possible, and 2) Not spend a lot of money.  This FIAMM Low Tone Horn managed both goals nicely, and most importantly it is both louder and lower in tone than the original.  It is also plenty loud at 130 decibels!

I’ve made a video which you can see below to allow you to use your own ears and judge for yourself.  The horn was under $13 from Amazon, and the install time was less than an hour.  In my mind it is a small price to pay to make yourself heard when you are dealing with roads full of distracted drivers who would rather run you over than not answer a text.  For the low price and little time involved this mod is highly recommended.

You can use this link to purchase the horn from Amazon.

Below the video I’ve provided links to some additional louder, more expensive and powerful horns that you may prefer for your own ride.  Just remember anytime you install a more powerful horn than stock, be sure to use a relay to protect your electrics. Finally be aware that some larger horns may by more challenging to mount than this FIAMM Low Tone which is mounted right in to the stock horn’s location.



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