Jul 25

Eric McCormack is not ashamed to ride a Vespa. Conan O’Brien Interview…

My wife used to own a Vespa ET4.  It was the first two wheeled vehicle with a motor that graced our garage years ago.  One thing that I found hilarious is while I “borrowed” her Vespa to run around downtown Toronto I had more good-looking women stop and chat with me than the collective amount that have spoken to me while riding any one of my more manly “proper” motorcycles.  Yep, Vespa’s brought the chicks, and my motorcycle has only attracted dudes who rode or wanted to ride.  Seems Will and Grace actor Eric McCormack has no shame being seen on the Vespa either.  Check out this funny interview from Conan.




Believe it or not, this is the real chick magnet, not your Harley, Ducati or Triumph.

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