Mar 31

Easter Bunny Pulled Over For Not Wearing a Helmet

All the gear, all the time – even for the Easter Bunny.

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The motorcyclist dressed in a bunny costume was pulled over on Saturday by the California Highway Patrol for riding without a helmet.

The San Diego CHP officer told the giant Easter bunny that “his outfit was a visual impairment, he was not able to be aware of his surroundings, and therefore he threatened his own safety, and that of others.”

The motorcyclist’s explanation was that he was on his way to a charity event.

The Easter Bunny got a stern warning, but no ticket. He left the scene still in costume, but with his bunny head in the sidecar.

So, next time you find yourself dressed in an Easter Bunny outfit on your way to a charity event: Make sure to wear a helmet!


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