Mar 17

$1000 distracted driver laws coming to Central Canada?

Canada’s Largest Province is bringing down the law on distracted drivers.  Will drivers smarten up?


Eye's on the road lady.

Have you ridden next to her?


Canada’s largest province by size and population is Ontario.  Their provincial government is now introducing legislation that will increase the minimum fine for distracted driving from $155 to $300 or even as much as $1000.  These new distracted driver laws will be the toughest in Canada if approved by their minority government.  Drivers will also get 3 demerit points on their drivers licence meaning that insurance renewals will get even more costly.


Makes sense to us. Now enforce it.

Makes sense to us. Now enforce it.


What do they consider distracted driving in Ontario?  Texting or talking on a cellphone while not using with it an approved hands free device.  While not part of the present legislation the government also said it is open to adding eating, and putting on makeup into the definition of distracted driving.


To read the full story, click here for a report from one of Toronto’s largest daily newspapers.


What do you think?  Is $1000 too much to deal with drivers that can’t focus on the road and keep their hands off their phone?  Tell us what you think on our comments section or on our Facebook page.



Here are some of the loudest horns we could find to help you deal with distracted drivers while on your motorcycle.

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