Jul 10

CruzTOOLS Outback’r Folding Metric Tool Set

Is this the Swiss Army Knife for Motorcyclists everywhere?

Motorcycle tool review: CruzTOOLS Outback’r Folding Metric Tool Set

by Mark DT
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As a kid of the 70’s and 80’s where technology was limited to Pong and Atari, a gift you often begged your parents for was a good Swiss Army knife.  The thought of having ten tools plus fold into one small handle that fit in your pocket made you feel invincible when heading out camping and fishing with your friends.  Yep, I’m feeling old just writing that but it’s the truth that the great outdoors were the playground of choice growing up.  Still I couldn’t help but think the designers of the CruzTOOLS Outback’r Folding Metric Tool Set had the same fond childhood memories as they have designed one of the most clever, and efficient purpose built tool sets for motorcyclists that I have seen.

For those that are unfamiliar with Swiss Army knives, here is a photo of one along side with the CruzTOOLS Outback’r Folding Metric Tool Set.

So what attachments have they been able to cram into this small three and a half inch long tool?  Each tool has Hex key set (3, 4, 5 and 6 mm), two screwdrivers (flat and Phillips), a socket driver, 8, 10, and 12 mm sockets, three spoke wrenches, and both 13 and 14 mm open-end wrenches.  In all there are fourteen individual tools in a package that will fit under the seat of just about any motorcycle on the road. (Including my wife’s Ninja 250!)

While Adventure and Touring riders often have big panniers and top cases that can easily swallow a tool bag, those that ride Nakeds, Motorards, Sportbikes, and even UJM’s often only can carry what fits in their backpack, pockets, or the small space under the seat.  This tool isn’t much larger than a tire pressure gauge, and should fit under the seat of almost any ride on the street today.  Definitely a very cool idea, and an inexpensive but worthwhile farkle for any rider.  Recommended!

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[warning]If you ride a Harley or any other non metric motorcycle, this link will take you to CruzTOOLS non-metric Tool set on Amazon.com.[/warning]


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