May 29

Coming Soon…signing off for a little summer vacation

Its been a week or so since the last update.  Lots of activity is going on and several new articles will be up within the next two weeks.  Our next update will be on June 12, 2012.

New articles on manufacturers demo days, chain cleaning and lubing, as well an in depth look at increasing the horsepower of any motorcycle from stock are coming soon.  Finally I newly added a MRA X-Creen spoiler to my Triumph.  I will have a full farkle review plus photos.

Please continue to send in your reviews, photos, and videos, even during these two vacation weeks, everything will get published.  We appreciate your comments and wisdom.  In the meantime ride safe and enjoy the website.


Lazy Sunday ride to the Park

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  1. We are home again, and last night we published a great article from Mark Robbins on LED Motorcycle lighting.


    Mark DT & Anne DT

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