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Chain Cleaning Part Two, Muc-Off tool video

Chain Cleaning Part Two, Muc-Off Chain cleaning Tool Video

by Mark DT


Thank you to one of our readers who read our article on motorcycle chain cleaning published 24 hours ago and sent me a line via our contact page.  Something that I wasn’t aware of is that in addition to the Grunge Brush, Muc-Off also makes a dedicated tool for chain cleaning.

I have not tested this tool, and to be honest I was surprised at the price as it seems a little high.  However it does look like it would be very easy and effective to use.  Here is the video, and a link below if you are interested in buying it.  Please send me any feedback you have on this tool as I would love any video or written reviews from our readers to share.


Muc-Off Chain Doc Muc-Off Chain DocThe Muc-Off Chain Doc works by clipping over the chain and combining innovative rotary brushes with the awesome power of our new high performance DRY Chain Cleaner brings your chain back to life and makes it sparkle again! There is no need to rinse with water either which ensures there is no chance of corrosion which can happen when using a traditional cleaner with water, in fact our chain cleaning formula leaves ZERO residue! It’s so simple to use, mess free and works in seconds and when the can runs out simply connect a new can to the device. The kit comes complete with a 400ml can of New Muc-Off DRY High Performance Chain Cleaner, Chain Doc device and a FREE trial size can of Muc-Off Dry PTFE Chain Lube, making it ready for cleaning and lubing straight out of the box! Our 400ml Dry PTFE Chain Lube (available separately) can also be attached to the Chain Doc for completely mess free lubrication without any annoying overspray! Works on all chain driven bikes with a center stand/paddock stand and a minimum clearance of H 60mm x W 145mm between the chain and swing arm. Suitable for all chain widths. O/X/Z Ring compatible. Includes 400ml Muc-Off Dry Chain Cleaner. Removes even the toughest grime including water proof grease and chain lube/wax residue. Brings your chain back to life in seconds.


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