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Motorcycle chain alignment made easy…

Motorcycle chain alignment made easy…
Motion Pro Chain Alignment tool review with video

Reviewed by Mark DT

The Motion Pro Chain Alignment Tool is a simple and effective little tool to use and visually ensure that your motorcycle chain is running straight and true.  It is a great tool for the home mechanic.  The manufacturer has a great “how to video” on YouTube that I’ve included for our users below.  It is a very inexpensive tool to make a tough and time-consuming job easy.

First, remove the bike’s chain guard.  Attach the chain alignment tool on the rear sprocket with the rod pointing towards the front sprocket.  This gives you a visual indication whether there is a misalignment or not (Tip: I found that the best angle to see if the chain and sprockets are aligned with the tool clamped on is by looking from above and from not behind the rear sprocket).  Then either tighten or loosen the chain adjusters on the swing arm in order to accurately align the motorcycle’s wheel and sprocket.

Many riders find that the marks on the swing arm are not accurate and sometimes quite a bit off.  This tool takes all the guesswork out of chain alignment and has saved me a lot of time.  It is a cheap way to lengthen the life of your chain & sprocket set.  Apart from lack of chain lubrication and wrong chain tension, improper chain/sprocket alignment is the biggest threat to to your bike’s chain.  Also, why would you deny horsepower to that rear tire with a misaligned chain?  At under sixteen bucks I highly recommend this little tool being added to your toolbox – well, at least if you own a chain-drive bike…


Chain Alignment Tool

Motion Pro Chain Alignment Tool

Chain Alignment Tool
Motion Pro Chain Alignment Tool aids visual alignment of sprockets when drive chain is adjusted. Enables accurate wheel alignment.  Clamps to rear sprocket with alignment rod pointing toward front sprocket.  Slight down alignment rod, move rear wheel until sprockets align – simple!


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