Oct 12

Funniest Motorcycle Commercials

Here are a few of the funniest motorcycle related advertisements that have been seen on TV from different parts of the world.

Selected and compiled for Farkle My Ride by Mark DT

Part One

YouTube, and other video sharing sites have opened up the history of advertising for bikes like never before.  Here are a few samples of funny motorcycle advertisements we’ve found so far.  Please send us your suggestions if you want a video placed on Farkle My Ride.

This first one broke the cardinal ATGATT rule when it was filmed.

This ad from Kawasaki is one of my favourites.  Simple, clever and funny.

Two more commercials from Kawasaki, the first shows a rather clever way to trick photo radar, the other would never survive today’s political correctness censors.  Let the good times roll!

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Suzuki would probably not dare release this ad for their motorcycles again or else they would face the wrath of PETA.  Still its interesting to see what was acceptable only a decade or so back in time.


Do you recognize the famous actor who rides to the theme good things happen on a Honda?  Hint, think Wild Hogs or Pulp Fiction… in fact I think this commercial may even pre-date Welcome Back Kotter.

Finally here is a ad that will play tricks with your eyes, and eventually make you smile.

Possibly NSFW but very fun Safety Advert from the UK

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