Sep 13

Beginner Bike wars, Kawasaki raises the bar…

Kawasaki’s 2013 Ninja 300, fuel injection, available with ABS.

Team Green goes to war to win coveted first time motorcycle buyers…

By Mark DT

Last year Honda rocked the beginner motorcycle world with it’s CBR 250R. For the first time a bike aimed at new riders was offered with fuel injection and available ABS in North America. Many big motorcycle publications pronounced it the best starting motorcycle on the market knocking Kawasaki’s Ninja 250r off the podium it had owned alone for many years. Well it looks like Kawasaki has taken the threat of the CBR seriously. It has just introduced a 300cc fuel injected Ninja with available ABS that is the same dimensions of its original 250r and is only a few pounds more in weight.


Despite the small size, nothing says beginner about the new 2013 Ninja 300.

Only weeks ago Farkle My Ride discussed here and here about how we wished Kawasaki would up their game with fuel injection and ABS on their entry level motorcycle. I can say I am both surprised and impressed with their decision to up the displacement of the bike while maintaining its dimensions and keeping the weight extremely close to the original. As North Americans tend to believe bigger is better, I have a hunch the engineers at Honda will be at the drawing board looking to up their stakes. Who knows…is a CBR 350R now in our future?


Enough with the wild and crazy predictions. Here are a few videos of the new bike. Kawasaki USA has priced the basic bike under $4800 while the ABS version is under $5500. As of publishing Kawasaki Canada has the price listed as TBA. No doubt trying to figure out what is a fair asking price now that the Canadian dollar is trading at all time highs. Anyways it looks like there will be lots to see at the bike shows this winter while waiting for the new motorcycles to get to the showrooms.


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