Jun 08

Be Safe And Informed – Four Great Apps For Motorcyclists

By Mark Wilde

Motorcycling has long been a pastime of millions of people who love the open road and the freedom of going where they wish with minimal impediment. In recent years, though, more and more people are picking up the hobby for other reasons: increased fuel efficiency and reduced cost of ownership when compared to standard automobiles are just a couple of reasons why there is so much appeal in owning a motorcycle these days. Whether you already own a motorcycle or are planning a purchase, being safe and informed on the road is vital – and the following four mobile apps will help you do that from anywhere in the world.

Motorcycle Safety Tips

Owning a motorcycle is a responsibility, and the Motorcycle Safety Tips app available for Android devices will help owners be both responsible and informed when it comes to proper safety precautions. Some of the chapters included in this app cover areas such as how to properly secure a helmet, information about traffic laws and how they apply to motorcycles, advice on what to wear  so that you can be clearly seen at night and tips for how to remain awake at the wheel if you begin to feel drowsy. For just around $1, the Motorcycle Safety Tips app can easily pay for itself by helping you avoid a catastrophic mistake.


Bike Disassembly 3D

Those who love to tinker with their motorcycles will love Bike Disassembly 3D. Available for all Android devices, the app allows its users to explore a number of different motorcycle models – from the nuts and bolts to the engine; you can inspect and learn more about the basic mechanics of any motorcycle. With animated objects and game modes to let you test the changes you have made, Bike Assembly 3D ($1.99) is a fully-interactive solution for those who want to begin learning about basic motorcycle mechanics using simple tools.


Motorcycle Encyclopedia

Currently available for just $0.99, the Motorcycle Encyclopaedia is a fully functional application consisting of more than 800 different motorcycles that you will encounter in real life. For each entry, full colour photos are available for inspection as well as statistics such as horsepower, top speed, transmission style, wheel size and much more. Find a particular bike of interest and need it for reference later? Simply bookmark the entry and you’ll be able to come back to where you left off at any time. Offline browsing and cross-referencing entries are also available to owners of this excellent application.


EMFB Bikers

Designed to be a multi-service application for motorcyclists on the road, EMFB Bikers allows users to display maps, turn-by-turn directions and weather forecasts from the same source.  Keep yourself free from distractions by activating the included do not disturb function that lets callers and texters know you are driving, while voice commands allow you to use the app hands-free. Whether you are viewing local radar to see if a thunderstorm is approaching or need no-hassle directions, EMFB Bikers ($12.95) makes a great companion for the open road.


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Today’s guest author, Mark Wilde, is a sales executive at Yucaipa Trailers, a firm that provides trailers for sale in California, US. He loves composing music and enjoys jamming session with his group of friends.

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