Jun 23

Anti Monkey Butt Powder with Calamine

Get past the funny name, this stuff is a life saver.


by Mark DT


I just got home from a great five-day ride of over 2000 km.  I will be sharing details of that ride for the Dreams Take Flight charity elsewhere on this blog, but for today I bring you a quick review of this stuff, Anti Monkey Butt Power with Calamine.


Friction Fighter & Sweat Absorber!

Tuck a bottle of Anti Monkey Butt Powder with Calamine away in your saddle bags on your next long ride.



So what is this stuff?  Essentially think of it like talcum powder that prevents sweat and bacteria appearing where it has no business being.  If you are susceptible to getting saddle sores from your motorcycle on long rides or sweaty feet you will find that this stuff is an absolute life saver.

Yesterday I got home from five days of riding in the mountains in some of the worst weather I’ve ever experienced.  For the first three days we saw non stop rain and temperatures as cold as 37′ Fahrenheit / 2.8′ Celsius when on the top of the passes at 5500′ ASL. Our fourth day we enjoyed our first glimpse of sun and nice weather, and on the final day we had to manage grey skies and cool temps with wind blowing over 40 miles an hour.  I can honestly say that my gear was put to the test in keeping me warm and dry.  While clothing and the motorcycle fairing design are obviously the most essential piece of the puzzle, I can not discount how much this powder contributed to staying comfortable.



Anti-chaffing Powder

The Anti Monkey Butt Powder is also available in a separate satin smooth formula for the ladies.

I bought the Anti Monkey Butt Powder with Calamine, to prevent saddle sores, and to keep my feet dry.  While my Alpinestars Gore-Tex boots did a fantastic job of keeping the water out, this powder did just as admiral a job of keeping my feet from getting sweaty.  I always where breathable Under-Armor sports underwear when riding, and when paired with using the Anti Monkey Butt I can say that I was saddle sore free, and my wife didn’t faint when I unpacked my panniers to toss my clothes into the laundry.

Sometimes it is the smallest details that can make you stay comfortable on a long ride.  Staying clean, dry, and saddle sore free will certainly make your next ride more enjoyable.  This stuff is very inexpensive and it works.  I would strongly recommend Anti Monkey Butt Powder with Calamine for any rider who plans on spending more than half a day on his motorcycle.  For the touring rider it is quite literally a real butt saver.  As an added bonus, this product is made in the USA.

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