Jul 04

Alpinestars Racing Replica One Piece Suit, with video

A one piece suit for those that want the best protection they can get on the track or streets.

Submitted by “Track Day” Jim


Here is my quick review.  The Alpinestars Racing Replica One-Piece Suit (Amazon.com link) is not inexpensive, I paid nearly $3000 with taxes for it, however I feel that it was money well spent.  Especially when I can easily spend those same dollars on a full system exhaust, or other motorcycle goodies, at least I know my money is going towards protecting me head to toe in the event I have a serious accident.

Leather quality: Excellent.  Fortunately no spills in this gear, and I must say that I have full confidence in this suit as the leather is thick and appears extremely durable.  The stitching is very well done, and nothing about this looks cheap.

How hot?  All suits are going to be hotter than riding squid, or riding with street focused mesh gear.  However the vented front panels do what they are supposed to and keep things cool enough without sacrificing any protection.  You could use this suit for touring, if protecting your skin is your highest priority.

Special features: What I like best is the washable liner which is removable.  It may seem like an odd thing to single out, but when you spend a lot of time riding, especially riding in a demanding and athletic manner that the track requires, being able to wash the sweat out becomes very important.

Would I buy it again?  Yes, but unless I have an accident I don’t think I will need another suit for years. If you are not a track enthusiast, it may be overkill for you.   I’m a fan of Alpinestars gear, and tend to look first at what they have when it comes time to buy motorcycle protective riding gear.  If you are a fan of racing or track days, or an aggressive back road rider, buying an Alpinestars Racing Replica One-Piece Suit may well be the best money you spend on riding gear.  Its still way cheaper than skin grafts for the under insured.

Editors note:  We’ve included a video at the bottom of the page for further info.


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