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Alpinestars GP-R Leather Jacket Review

Alpinestars GP-R Leather Jacket.  A hot weather jacket for motorcycle riders that is cool, breathes… and is leather?  Yes, you can be safe and cool while riding.

Sent in by Mike from California:


The Alpinestars GP-R leather jacket works well for those of us that insist on wearing leather gear all year round.  In the spring, fall or even winter wearing leather is no problem, but in the summer heat?  Most of my motorcycle buddies prefer textiles in warm weather.  Not me, it’s leather or bust.  I ride the canyons on weekends and want a jacket that protects my skin, but still breathes well enough to wear in the hot summer sun.  This jacket does that job very well.

[pullquote align=”left|center|right” textalign=”left|center|right” width=”30%”]Most of my motorcycle buddies prefer textiles in warm weather.  Not me, it’s leather or bust.[/pullquote]

The jacket has large perforated areas on the chest and back to allow airflow.  This is the big reason why I think it keeps me cool once I’m moving at speed.  In fact I stay cool at outside temps up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit provided I am riding above 25 mph and air is circulating through the jacket.  Even in just a t-shirt I get hot when stopped in traffic.  On any jacket or helmet, the vents only work when the air is flowing through.  That being said, the Alpinestars GP-R is a leather motorcycle jacket that vents very well.

The armor in the elbows and shoulders are CE certified.  There is optional CE armor available for the back, but decent PE back protective padding is included with the jacket which is all I have used.  Thankfully, I haven’t put the bike down yet to test the limits of the jacket.


Alpinestars GP-R


My girlfriend thinks I look good wearing it!

Alpinestars GP-R Perforated Leather Jacket…Yes you can wear leather when its hot and stay cool.

The quality of the leather and zippers on the Alpinestars GP-R leather jacket are top notch.  This isn’t a cheap jacket, but considering what I’ve spent on my bike, spending some dollars to protect my skin in the event of an accident makes sense.  You do get what you pay for with this motorcycle jacket and I haven’t experienced any buyer’s remorse.  In fact I often get compliments from riding buddies, although they ask, “aren’t you hot in that thing?” just as often.  I would recommend getting a white jacket as it will do a better job of not heating up in the sun as compared to a black one.  Oh ya, my girlfriend likes how it looks on me, too.  Never a bad thing.


Why it helps you stay cool?

If you have spent time looking on different websites, it may be hard to understand why the Alpinestars GP-R leather jacket helps the rider stay cool.  My own belief why it works well would be: 1) There is no liner so the air really flows around me well. 2) There is stretchy material under my arms for comfort and airflow to my armpits.  3) There are large perforated areas on the chest and back to allow air to flow through the coat.

Glow in the dark?

Another cool feature about this jacket I didn’t discover until I wore it on a group ride at night are the reflective logos.  The Alpinestars logos on the lower back and on the outside of the arms of the jacket are luminescent, so I’m more visible to other traffic.  It’s a little thing, but I think it’s cool all the same.

I don’t have the money yet to replace my older riding pants that while decent quality, aren’t from the same manufacturer.

Unfortunately, my old riding pants won’t attach to this coat, but most Alpinestars leather and textile pants will zip to this riding jacket.  My next pants will be a pair of Alpinestars leather pants to match this jacket so I can zip them together for even better protection.

I’m really happy with my Alpinestars GP-R Perforated Leather Jacket that I bought on  If you want a leather riding jacket, and you ride in hot weather, this one is a winner.

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