Nov 19

Alabama Motorcycle Cop Keeps Job After Drag Racing

By Anne DT

A rider on a Honda CBR600RR raced a motorcycle Police Officer on a Harley Davidson last weekend. Check out the video of the drag race below.

A motorcycle cop in Montgomery, Alabama was on a quiet patrol last Sunday when a rider at a stop light suggested that they had a little friendly race. To the Honda rider’s surprise the cop answered, “I’ve got a turbo in this thing”, then launched quickly off on the city-issued police motorcycle.

The riders met at the next set of lights and raced a second time. The rider on the Honda even managed to do a bit of a wheelie through the intersection in round two. The motorcycle cop looked like he was enjoying himself, but little did he know that the event was recorded on the motorcyclist’s GoPro camera.

The rider quickly uploaded the race to YouTube and the video went viral. The cop was so embarrassed about having raced the other rider that he resigned. The other rider spoke on the news and said that they didn’t go over 60 mph and that the cop shouldn’t lose his job over something so trivial.

We are happy to report that the drag-racing cop has been reinstated. The Honda rider started an online petition for the Police Officer to get his job back.

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Here is the video:

If you have had any memorable encounters with motorcycle cops while riding, please share your story in the comment section below.

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