May 29

Airhawk Seat Cushion Review

By Frank Gibson

If you find your motorcycle seat uncomfortable and walk like you’ve just gotten off a horse when you’ve only gone on a short ride… then you may want to check out the Airhawk seat cushion.


Motorcycle Air Cushion

Extend your ride by riding on air with an Airhawk seat cushion

I love going on long rides with my friends but after 45 minutes into the ride I would start to get a sore butt and lower back.  No matter how I sat in my seat on my Harley Road King, I couldn’t get comfortable and would have to stop all the time to get off the bike and stretch my legs. The discomfort in my posterior is something that has started in my senior years, but I was determined to find a solution to this pain in the butt, so I could keep on riding my Harley.

My wife got me a gel pad for the bike, but I didn’t use it much because I found it got too warm to sit on. Then one of my riding buddies lent me his inflatable Airhawk seat cushion that he has used for years. At first I didn’t think an air cushion could make that much of a difference but since my friend never complained about a numb butt on any of our rides, I figured I’d give it a try. He also told me that it is the same air cell technology used in the medical industry for patients that spend extended periods in a wheelchair or lying down. I figured that if doctors use it for patients its gotta be good enough for my ass. Besides, it was either that or spending $600 on a Mustang motorcycle seat for the bike.

[pullquote align=”left|center|right” textalign=”left|center|right” width=”30%”]I’m 240 lbs and I did not expect this cushion to perform as well as it does, but it sure has extended my riding time by hours.[/pullquote]

Over the next few days I experimented a bit with the amount of air I had in the Airhawk. First I just played with different levels of air while I sat on the bike in the garage. I quickly learned that less is more and I just needed enough air to raise my butt off the motorcycle seat, probably just about 1/2 inch. The interconnected air cells allow the air to move about in the cushion as your weight shifts around on the seat. The cushion has a slip resistant bottom, so it doesn’t slide when you sit on it. The cushion come with attachments loops so you can fasten the Airhawk onto your seat.  The strings look kind of flimsy, but they do the job and combined with the non-slip material used on the underside of the cushion, this thing ain’t moving.

After I had found an air level I was happy with I went for a local ride. I stopped once or twice to let some air out of the cushion, which was easy to do by pulling back the seat cover and opening the valve. I enjoyed this ride so much that I rode for more than two hours and didn’t have the usual posterior discomfort.  When I got back home that night, I ordered my own Airhawk on eBay.

The next weekend I we went on a 400 mile ride and I could have gone twice the distance.  I was literally riding on air and didn’t feel the slightest bit of discomfort.  I am glad I didn’t spend hundreds of dollars on a new seat for my Harley.  I use the Airhawk seat cushion every time I ride (heck, I even bring the seat when I have to sit on a hard seat for a long time like at sports events and card games) and several of my buddies have got one, too.

If you find that the seat on your dream bike is a pain in the butt as well, get yourself an Airhawk seat cushion and don’t waste money on the foam or gel seats that just don’t do the trick. The Airhawk is a quality product and not cheap, but worth every penny if you are going on long motorcycle rides. I’m 240 lbs and I did not expect this cushion to perform as well as it does, but it sure has extended my riding time by hours.

[important]Thanks for the review, Frank!  If you are interested in learning more about the Airhawk seat cushion, the most competitive price we have found online is on eBay and Amazon.  If you would like to send Farkle My Ride your own reviews please click here. [/important]

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