Jul 26

A Long Road, all the pictures from Tim Lovell

Here are more photos to accompany Tim Lovell’s wonderful personal story, A Long Road,  which tells of his three year restoration of Angelina, Tim’s 1977 Ducati 900 GTS.

Click here if you haven’t read A Long Road by Tim Lovell.

On the ferry to Vancouver Island where the editors first met Tim and saw his amazing 1977 Ducati 900 GTS, Angelina.





Tim’s good friend Matt’s chopper.



Just dreaming and waiting to get her licence.


On the ferry to Nanaimo


Thank you Tim for your great article and photo’s.  If you are interested in learning more about Tim Lovell’s work you can visit his website at:



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  1. Hi Tim, you know it hard to improve on somoesne who is already perfect in every way anyway. The hair cut is great. You look good both ways so what ever suits you and the rest just tickles me to death. I am so sorry I missed you all when you were in Morristown. I didn’t know about it(my fault, I should have been checking more often) and I was so unset with myself. I hope next time I will be more alert and get to see all of you.Love to all of you,Waunita from Calvary Bapttist Church Morristown, TN

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