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6 Tips And Tricks For Long Distance Motorcycle Trips

By Frank Peterson


MotorcycleTripIf someone hasn’t been on a long distance motorcycle trip before they could run into trouble, so I’ve mentioned a few tips and tricks that will help them out.
Riding long distances can be tough and if you’ve never done something similar before you might be in for a shock. There are a few little tips and tricks you should know about and we’re going to discuss them today. It means when you eventually tackle a long distance journey for the first time you’ll be well-prepared.



Plan your meals correctly

When you eat a heavy meal it takes a long time to digest and it makes you tired. You don’t want to feel drowsy when you’re riding long distances because it’s an easy way to end up in an accident. Eat a light breakfast and lunch then eat a large meal at the end of the day. After dinner you won’t need to get on your bike again and you’ll need to sleep anyway. It’s also very beneficial to eat lunch early because when it’s busy you will waste time waiting around.

MotorcycleToursDon’t stay too far away

Choose your accommodation very carefully because you don’t want to stay too far away from restaurants and entertainment. If you only stay a short distance away it means you can walk everywhere. You’ll be riding your bike for hours each day, so when you put it to bed for the night you don’t want to wake it up to ride into town. Choosing the right place to stay is easy and you can even book your rooms on the internet before you set off.

Pack some snacks

Everyone will feel a little hungry at some point during the day and it’s nice to have some sweets in your pocket to dip into. Once you feel like chewing or sucking you won’t be able to put it to the back of your mind and you won’t be very happy. If you’re driving around in the middle of nowhere there might not be any garages for miles where you can stop to buy something. Just don’t go crazy and carry the entire sweet shop with you.

You must stay hydrated

You probably won’t feel like drinking water all the time, but don’t forget to drink something every time you stop. Even if you don’t feel thirsty it can still affect you in a negative way once you start to get dehydrated. This is an even bigger problem when the weather is hot and I can’t see you setting off on a motorcycle journey in the middle of winter. Freeze a bottle of water each night and it will stay cold for a long time.

Stop as much as possible

AlicesRestaurantSome people come back from the trip of a lifetime and they have a few regrets. One of them is not stopping enough because they felt like they had to keep going. Don’t worry about getting off your bike and looking around whenever you see something that catches your eye. Don’t just keep riding down the road because where is the fun in that? It’s just a bonus that getting off your bike often will help prevent you from getting sore because of sitting down in the same position for hours at a time.

Keep the map in your pocket

It’s always handy to keep a map in your pocket, but you don’t want to start pulling it out and putting it away all the time because it will take forever. If you have a smartphone you can download a good app, CamScanner and it will let you take photos of a certain portion of your map. You can zoom in which means you’ll be able to find anything on the photo. It’s great because it will only take you a few seconds to grab your phone out of your pocket.
[important]Today’s feature contributor, Frank Peterson, enjoys long motorcycle trips. He uses guest posting to share his knowledge about motorcycles. His day job is at Motooutlet, a leading motocross gear retailer that provides a range of products including air filters, goggles, gloves and more. Check out his Twitter page: @MotoOutlet.[/important]

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