Dec 15

6 Amazing Motorcycle Routes From Around the World

By Amy Fowler

Sometimes it’s good to go as fast as you can in a straight line, but most motorcyclists like twists, turns, and scenery. If you want to take in some beautiful sights while enjoying the open road, take a ride through one or more of the destinations on this list of amazing motorcycle routes.

Nacimiento-Fergusson Road (California)

Nacimiento-Fergusson Road in California.

Get off Highway 101 onto Jolon Road and head west toward the Fort Hunter Liggett military base. Don’t forget your registration, insurance card and ID; the guards there will want to have a look. After you’re waved through, you’ll ride through the forest to the Santa Lucia Mountains on a curvy, narrow, and rough road, and will get to enjoy the stunning scenery seen in the pictures above.

Lawn Hill National Park (Australia)

Lawn Hill National Park in Australia.

The dirt road through this national park is ideally suited to dual-sport bikes equipped with Motocross tyres. Most of it is straight, but there are a few hills, river crossings and valleys—and you can go miles without seeing another bike. Road trains (long trucks carrying multiple trailers) frequent this road, and if you see one, just pull over and wait for it to pass.

Spain’s Road to Ronda

Road to Ronda in Spain.

Beginning at the Costa del Sol, this road traverses the Serrania de Ronda plateau. We suggest you take your lightest and most nimble sportbike (preferably a Ninja 600 or a Ducati). At speeds between 40-100 miles per hour, the turns are perfect—but if you hold the throttle open too long, they’ll take you by surprise.

Alaska’s Denali Highway

Denali Highway in Alaska.

It stretches the 135 miles between Paxson and Cantwell; if you’re on a road bike, hope for dry weather and take your time. If you start in Paxson, you can see Mount McKinley (America’s tallest mountain) from up to 250 miles away.

China’s Datong Road

Datong Road in China.

Once you’ve cleared the disorganization of the roads in China’s urban areas, this road across the Wutai Shan mountains can compete with any route through the Alps or Rockies. If you can, stay a night in the Wutai Shan Buddhist monastery (and maybe build some good karma while you’re at it).

Austria’s Grossglockner Strasse

Grossglockner Strasse in Austria.

It’s sometimes called Route 107, and this 30-mile road rises almost 8000 feet as it winds its way around the tallest mountain in Austria. Go south, and don’t miss the hard left at the top—it’s the way to the Edelweiss-Spitze tower, which offers a panoramic view.

There are a lot of great places to ride—you just have to have a sense of adventure and an idea of where to look. All of the roads listed above have enough twists and turns for even the most skilled riders; buckle up your dual-sport or Motocross boots, hop on and go for a ride!


[important]This guest post about amazing motorcycles routes from around the world was written and contributed by Amy Fowler for Ride Direct; specialist suppliers of Motocross boots. Click here to find out more, or read more from Ride Direct here.[/important]

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