Jul 18

4 Most Thrilling Motorcycle Chases Ever Seen On The Big Screen!

By Rick Night

Something that excites all action movie enthusiasts is a good, edge of the seat chase scene. Moreover, if it is a motorcycle chase scene, then the thrill is something else. High-speed manoeuvring of the motorcycle on narrow roads, meeting dead ends, sudden breaks and close cuts, this is the stuff that can get any action movie fan salivating.  Our movies have given us some classic badass motorcycle chases. Some of the epic ones are –


The Dark Knight


Christopher Nolan captures our imagination and changes it for the better. He provides us with a complete weirdo villain in the form of Heath Ledger’s Joker who plays this role like no one could. Apart from memorable characters and brilliant performances, this movie featured many thrilling sequences. Being a Batman movie, we won’t find many of the vehicles featured in the movie, in a neighbouring parking lot, not that this made the scenes any less magnificent. One particular chase that deserves a mention is the one that has Batman on the Batpod chasing Joker on the streets of Gotham who is in a truck and in a laughing mood. It has many crashes and upside down cars, but the scene can provide fodder for biker dreams!

Mission Impossible 2



The scene features Ethan Hunt vrooming away on Triumph Speed Triple Motorcycle to save his girlfriend Nyah who has been abducted by Sean Ambrose. He is followed by the bad guy in the scene and this chase is what makes the scene figure in this list. It has Tom Cruise on zipping in and out of four door saloon on a public highway and burns a lot of rubber while doing so. The thrilling chase sequence makes for edge of the seat entertainment. Tom Cruise is known for his passion for mean machines and this scene captures it just right. This movie features many daredevil stunts and is a must watch for a thriller movie fan.


The Great Escape


It is said that movies are a reflection of life, even if only a little exaggerated sometimes. In the case of Steve McQueen, an avid biker, some of his movies were just an extension of life. He performed most of his stunts on his own. He was such a great biker than in one of the scenes in The Great Escape, he “followed” himself in a chase scene because the movie makers could not find another great biker. The legendary jump over the fence on a bike scene didn’t feature him though. It featured a body double and this was done for insurance purpose. Even this fact doesn’t dilute the excitement that the scene provides to motor biking enthusiasts. This one makes it to the list because it is one of the earliest motorbike chases scenes captured on the big screen!




You can’t complete a list talking about stunts and chase without including a Bond movie. The opening scene of the latest Bond offering Skyfall makes it to the list. Daniel Craig, the latest bond, kicks butt in this scene when he rides a Honda CRF250R on the streets of exotic Turkey. He follows a henchman who has just fled on a stolen police motorcycle also a Honda CRF25OR. Bond movies are known of inimitable chase sequences and daredevilry. The opening sequences especially feature these to set the tone for the movie. This scene does exactly that and does it extremely well!

These are just four of the numerous “edge of the seat” thrill scenes our movies have given us. This list features scenes you would want to miss if you are an avid motorcycle chase scene fan!

[important]Rick Knight, the author of today’s guest post, works at Ciarlo’s Car Emporium, a car wash and lube center providing services for car detailing in CT. He likes reading auto magazines in his spare time.[/important]

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