Oct 24

2013 Honda CB1100

Honda builds a bike for those who missed the 70’s, 80’s and the days of classic Universal Japanese Motorcycles.

But will we ever see the 2013 Honda CB1100 in the USA or Canada?

Will North Americans get their chance to order this gorgeous modern classic, or is this another Kawasaki W800 story where if it isn’t a pure cruiser or sport bike it gets left behind?


The new 2013 Honda CB1100 will no doubt for Honda purists deliver an experience equal to what Triumph lovers have been getting with its modern Bonneville lineup.  It is a modern take on a design form from many years ago.  Think of what a CB750 thirty years ago would develop into and you have a good idea.

The 2013 Honda CB1100 has an air cooled engine putting out around 87hp and weighs under 250 kg or 551 pounds.  The bike itself looks stunning and will no doubt have Honda’s impeccable build quality.  While it is destined for Europe and Asia nothing yet has been announced for the North American market.

Please Honda, give us North Americans the benefit of the doubt and bring us the CB1100.  We can sweeten the deal by leaving the Fury behind and we will forget that you ever brought the DN-01 to our shores.  In this blogger’s mind a motorcycle like this is exactly what the market needs.  All day comfortable, efficient, and reliable, while still retaining great looks.  Most importantly this bike borrows on Honda’s own heritage.  Let’s hope we see them in Canada and the USA soon (read our update about the six new 2013 Honda models on the North American market).

Here is a cool short promotional movie that I’m guessing based on the airplane used in the film, was shot in New Zealand.  If any of our New Zealand readers can confirm this please post below.  The background scenery in this film is stunning.

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