Jun 13

10 best motorcycle roads in the U.S… Lonely Planet

10 best motorcycle roads in the U.S… Lonely Planet, CNN, and my own favorite American Highway


It looks like I’m in luck being on the west coast of Canada.  I’m the shortest possible ride to the #1 motorcycle road in the USA from my Canadian homeland according to the good folks at Lonely Planet.

CNN, a great news source but not one that is known for its enthusiasm for reporting on things important to motorcyclists surprised me with this story from Lonely Planet.

If CNN and Lonely Planet aren’t enough, then keep reading.  Below is my own #1 personal choice to ride in the USA.  Why? It has stunning scenery, great curves, constant elevation changes, and very good pavement.  Best of all its close to home in British Columbia.  Highway 20 in Washington State, from the towns of Concrete to Mazama is motorcycle bliss.  This little ride is around 100 miles from A to B below.  From the Peace Arch Border Crossing on the Canada USA border this trip is roughly 530 km return. Canadians don’t forget your passport!


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Please add your comments below to share your favorite roads, or if you prefer, click here to submit an article, video, or photo from any of your favorite motorcycle journeys, anywhere in the world.

This lower map is a 3D Google map, and is fun to play with to get a true sense of the terrain one would ride through.  It is memory intensive so on slower computers it may not work optimally.  Have fun with it.

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