Mar 20

Take your ride global with Air Canada

Air Canada makes life better for motorcyclists wanting to tour the globe with special shipping rates for motorcycles.


by Mark DT





First off a quick disclaimer.  I am an Air Canada pilot.  I’ve been a pilot with this company for seventeen years now, and my father was a pilot with them for over thirty-three years.  Now an embarrassing admission, I learned that my company is making things easier for motorcyclists from respected Canadian Motorcycle publication Canada Moto Guide instead of at work.

From Canada Moto Guide’s article:  (click the underline for the full story)

“For example, $950 to South America means that you can fly down with your bike and do that dream Americas ride without having to go there AND back! Same for the cross Canada trip at $650, or maybe a return trip to Europe ($700/$850) and save the cash on the bike rental.”


Now the best part is this isn’t only a great deal for Canadians.  Since Air Canada flies to over 200 cities globally, you can pretty much assure that you can get to somewhere very interesting and new from a major airport in North America or Europe, and get a connection through a major Canadian city to Asia, South America, or even Australia.  If you are from Europe, imagine a riding tour that starts in Vancouver, British Columbia and ends in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  If you are American, why backpack or rail-tour Europe when you could send you and your motorcycle to London and ride the journey on your own two wheels.  The options are endless and the prices are very reasonable.  I hope to see you on one my flights this summer.  I took the photo at the end of this article this month while I was operating a flight from Toronto to Milan.  Sunrises and sunsets from 37,000 always look impressive.

Use one of the contacts below for more information.  If you live outside of Canada pick the city closest to you, or from Europe the city you would like to land in first for more information.

In Toronto

1-800-387-4865 or

In Vancouver

1-800-667-1729 or

In Montreal

1-800-361-2159 or

In Calgary

1-800-403-221-2600 or


Sunrise over France

Sunrise over France shot from my Air Canada 767 flight deck.


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